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Medical Bureau of Road Safety

Research and Professional Education:



The Bureau may arrange for research into physical and mental fitness of drivers of vehicles; medical aspects of road safety; the effects of intoxicants on drivers and the methods of measuring them; methods of determining the extent to which a intoxicants are present in a person’s body.

In 2000-2001, the Bureau in collaboration with the Department of Public Health Medicine at University College Dublin undertook a nationwide survey of driving under the influence of drugs in Ireland and published the results in 2004. A peer-reviewed paper was published in 2006: Drinking, drugs and driving in Ireland: more evidence for action.  P Fitzpatrick, L Daly, C P Leavy and D A Cusack Inj. Prev. 2006; 12; 404-408.

The Bureau also researches and carries out literature reviews on the relevant analytical methods and procedures in alcohol and drug blood and urine testing and breath alcohol measuring devices and instruments.

Professional Educational Courses

The Bureau is responsible for the training of Garda Operators and Supervisors in the use of the Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) Instruments and in 2010 gave 12 courses to 135 Gardai. In 2011,  50 conversion courses for the Evidenzer EBT instruments were delivered for 750 Gardai.

The Bureau, in co-operation with the specialty of Forensic & Legal Medicine in the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science and the Garda Training College, delivered a postgraduate course in Road Traffic Impairment Testing for 80 Garda instructors in 2011over 5 five-day courses. These Garda Trainers in turn are delivering a two-day course for Garda Traffic Corps and other Garda members for the enforcement of this new roadside drug testing to commence in late 2011 or early 2012.

The Bureau also provided training for 80 Garda instructors for the introduction of dual limit Preliminary Breath Testing (PBT) devices.