Medical Graduates Association (MGA)

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Founded in 1988, the UCD MGA in partnership with the UCD Alumni Development Office play a vital role in keeping you in touch with your fellow alumni across the world and with the University. Through the MGA, our graduates have the opportunity to build professional and social networks and to maintain old friendships and contacts. Currently, there are over 5,000 MB BCh BAO alumni on our database.

The MGA is your Association. It exists to help you maintain contact with your contemporaries and with the School and to help you avail of the many services that exist for UCD alumni. It offers graduates the chance to have a lifelong link to the Medical School and the University and gives you an opportunity to influence the School’s future.

Join with your global community of fellow graduates and capture the spirit of your time at UCD. Search the graduate database, find old friends, discover fellow graduates who live in your area and keep up-to-date with what is happening at your University. Continue to be a part of the UCD community worldwide. Stay in touch with people who have shared the UCD experience and share your aspirations for UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science.

Class Representatives

We are always looking for class representatives to assist with disseminating reunion information to other class members. If you are interested in volunteering as a representative for your class, please contact

MGA North America

Network for Graduates in USA and Canada

The UCD MGA in North America exists to provide a forum and professional network for United States and Canadian based graduates.

In the years since its inception, the Association has with the assistance of a number of Scholarship Funds, assisted in supporting the Dublin administered ‘Summer Medical Electives Program’, which has benefitted many UCD medical students in completing their educational objectives through their U.S experience. In addition a number of social and scientific meetings have been held both in Ireland and North America.

MGA Medals

Patrick Meenan & Liam O'Connell Research Medals

The UCD MGA awards two medals annually for excellence in research by graduates of the UCD School of Medicine. 

The Patrick Meenan Research Medal is presented for exceptional research in Medicine, Medical Microbiology or Surgery and the Liam O’Connell Research Medal for outstanding research in Oncology, Haematology and Immunology.  Both medals accumulate points for entry into Higher Surgical/Medical training.

The competition is by way of poster presentation and is open to graduates of the MB BCh BAO programme at the UCD Medical School who are under 40 years of age.  The paper may already have been presented at another scientific meeting.  The posters are presented at the School’s Research Symposium held in October each year.  The winners present their research at the MGA Annual Scientific Meeting and medals are presented at the School's Alumni Gala Dinner which takes place the following May.

MGA Distinguished Graduate Awards

The UCD MGA Distinguished Graduate Awards are awarded to outstanding graduates of the UCD School of Medicine, who are nominated by our alumni in recognition of their lifelong achievements to medical education, research and/or clinical practice.

We are delighted to recognise past recipients of the MGA Distinguished Graduate Awards.


MGA Distinguished Graduate Award Recipients


Dr Paul O’Byrne, Class of 1975 

Sr Marian Scena, Class of 1975 

Dr John Donohoe, Class of 1967

2020 No Award Event Due to C-19
2019 Prof Muiris Fitzgerald, Class of 1964 & Prof Bill Powderly, Class of 1979
2018 Prof Patrick Murray, Class of 1988
2017 Dato Dr Leslie Lam, Class of 1967
2016 Prof Michael Moriarty, Class of 1966
2015 Prof Frank Powell, Class of 1975
2014 Prof Sir Stephen O’Rahilly, Class of 1981 
2013 Prof Colm O’Herlihy, Class of 1973
2012 Mr Maurice Neligan (RIP) Class of 1994
2011 Dr Louise Ivers, Class of 1997
2010 Dr William Howlett, Class of 1970
2009 Dr Desmond Bohn, Class of 1969
2008 Prof Patrick Johnson (RIP) Class of 1973
2007 Dr Pauline O’Connell (RIP) Class of 1948 
2006 Dr Ralph deVere White, Class of 1970
2005 Dr Hugh Brady, Class of 1982
2004 Dr Kanti Daya Bhoola (RIP) Class of 1956
2003 Dr Helen Carty (RIP) Class of 1967