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Event | The ADHD Tsunami? - Global Perspectives (14th October 2016)

The First UCD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Conference was held on 14th October 2016 and was entitled “The ADHD Tsunami? - Global Perspectives”.

As one of the most prevalent disorders of childhood, ADHD is the single most frequent reason for attendance at Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Ireland. ADHD frequently continues throughout teenage years into adulthood and commonly causes significant impairment in the lives of those with the condition; Typically ADHD causes challenges in school settings, family life and in friendships.

This international conference brought together experts in the field from all over the world, including Prof. Rosemary Tannock of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, Prof. Guilherme Polanczyk of the University of Sao Paulo, and Prof.s Edmund Sonuga-Barke and Samuele Cortese of the University of Southampton, to talk about a variety of key topics in the area of ADHD diagnosis and treatment.  These topics included the validity of diagnosis, prevalence, and treatment rates worldwide, the service user perspective of diagnosis and treatment, attitudes to ADHD in schools, social services and child psychiatric services in Ireland, school-based interventions, psychotherapeutic interventions and psychopharmacological interventions for ADHD.

ADHD Tsunami? Global Perspectives

The Conference was attended by over 150 interdisciplinary professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, GPs, nurses, teachers & education professionals, probation services and addiction specialists, as well as parents and carers of children with ADHD. Special guests from the National Educational Psychology Service, National Behaviour Support Service, the HSE National Clinical Programme for Mental Health and HADD (the support service for people with ADHD) also attended. Feedback received was particularly positive on the seminars on school-based interventions, psychotherapeutic interventions and psychopharmacological interventions for ADHD.

Event | IACAPAP 2018 Conference

The IACAPAP biannual Congress took place from the 23rd-27th of July 2018 at the Prague Congress Centre in Prague, Czech Republic. The central theme of the Congress was "Understanding Diversity and Uniqueness." Members of the UCD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team presented talks on the Milestones Project and the genetic disorder 22q11ds. Additionally, Professor Fiona McNicholas chaired a symposium on “Deliberate self-harm and suicide in youth: reviewing the evidence and a pragmatic approach to estimating risk” and Dr. Elizabeth Barrett chaired a symposium on “Supporting the development of pediatric psychiatry: updates and cases from the Pediatric Liaison Network in the UK and Ireland.”

Further information about the IACAPAP 2018 Conference can be found at

Download the conference programme here

Flyer for the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions in Prague in 2018. Image of children playing with city in background.


Seanad Public Consultation Committee Children's Mental Health

In June and July 2017, the Seanad Public Consultation Committee held the Public Consultation for Children’s Mental Health Services in the Seanad. The committee heard statements from parents, clinicians, members of professional bodies, and policy makers . Members of the UCD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team, Professor Fiona McNicholas and Dr. Blánaid Gavin, spoke as witnesses. They spoke on issues affecting the provision of mental health services in Ireland such as the under-resourcing of child psychiatry services and the importance of collecting data on mental health cases in Ireland.

You can read their full address to the committee at:

Download the 2017 Seanad Public Consultation Committee Report on Children’s Mental Health Services here:

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ESCAP 2017 Conference

The ESCAP 2017 Conference took place from the 9th-11th of July 2017 at Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG) in Geneva, Switzerland. The leading theme for the conference was Transition. Collectively, members of the UCD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team presented fourteen talks and chaired three symposiums on topics such as ADHD, conduct disorders, adolescent mental health, and family/systematic therapy.

Further information about the 2017 ESCAP Conference can be found at

Download the conference programme here

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Resources | ADHD Conference 2016

Presentations from the International ADHD Conference held on 14th October 2016: 

Presentation TitlePresenterFile

Nobody Understands My ADHD: Exploring the Irish
Experience of Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Kate Carr-Fanning 

Presentation 1 - Dr. Kate Carr-Fanning           

Perceptions of ADHD services in Ireland:First findings from the Newman Fellowships

Dr. Mimi Tatlow-Golden

Presentation 2 - Dr. Mimi Tatlow-Golden

ADHD views and practices: child psychiatrists and paediatricians
in Ireland and Brazil

Fabiola Honorio Neto                   

Presentation 3 - Fabiola Honorio Neto

Treating the Child with ADHD -Do Psychological Interventions Work? 

Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke 

Presentation 4 - Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder:
Diagnosis validity, prevalence and access to services

Prof Guillherme Polanczyk Presentation 5 - Prof Guillherme Polanczyk

School interventions and resources for
ADHD: are they effective?

Prof Rosemary Tannock  Presentation 6 - Prof Rosemary Tannock

Are the effects of methylphenidate really uncertain?

Prof Samuele Cortese  

Presentation 7 - Prof Samuele Cortese

ADHD: The major challenges at home & school.                   What can you do?

Prof Rosemary Tannock 

Presentation 8 - Parent's Evening - Prof Rosemary Tannock



Other Recent Events

Date EventMore Info
10th March 2017

Mind Reading - Conference on Mental Health & Literature.

DLR Lexicon, Haigh Terrace, Moran Park, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. 

14th October 2016

The ADHD Tsunami? - Global Perspectives

21st April 2016

Information evening for Parents with Dr Blánaid Gavin about What helps in School with ADHD

Hosted by HADD Ireland