Day Three | 27/08/20

Pre-recordings will be availabe ahead of the Meeting and Panel and Q&A sessions will be live wia Zoom. All times listed are in Irish Standard Time.

Following the 2019 Annual Meeting hosted by University of Glasgow, Professor John Curnow Director of Education, University of Birmingham shared a proposal for a new Biomedical Science Discipline group.  This will be the first opportunity for interested members to meet and discuss the aims and ambitions for the group.

If you missed the live session, please see the recording.

If you missed the lives session, please see the recording.

Opening Remarks by Prof Michael Keane, Dean of Medicine, UCD

M Keane

If you missed the live session, please see the recording.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens our ability to treat a range of infectious diseases and is a major risk to global healthcare. This session will seek to update on the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, the role of the microbiome, and how we can more effectively safeguard antimicrobials through effective stewardship.


Prof Tim Stinear, University of Melbourne: ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’

Prof Willem van Schaik, University of Birmingham: ‘Resistome’

Panel and Q&A: Chair Prof Pat Murray, UCD


Dr Leanne Teoh, University of Melbourne

Prof Stephen Gordon, UCD

Dr Patrick Felle, UCD

If you missed the live session, please see the recording.

A large body of evidence supports the efficacy of physical activity and exercise prescription in the prevention and management of many chronic conditions including obesity, musculoskeletal disorders, coronary heart disease and diabetes. It is important that healthcare professionals are educated and proactive in implementing evidence based physical activity and exercise recommendations in clinical practice. This session will include an evidence based approach to: optimising exercise prescription for people living with obesity; individualising exercise prescription for  functional work rehab, utilising a clinical reasoning framework and finally the embedding of community exercise learning opportunities in health professional curricula.



Dr Grainne O'Donoghue, UCD: ‘Optimal Exercise Prescription for Adults Living with Obesity’

Dr Nicola Heneghan, University of Birmingham: ‘Exercise prescription in functional rehabilitation for return to work’

Dr Caitriona Cunningham, UCD: ‘Developing Learning Opportunities in Community Exercise Prescription’

Panel and Q&A: Chair Dr Catherine Doody, UCD

If you missed the live session, please see the recording.

The COVID19 pandemic is a global health crisis that is also threatening food security and nutrition. The “Food and Environment” session will examine the impact of Covid-19 on food production, food safety, food supply, food purchasing and eating behaviours. Our speakers will focus on COVID19 impacts on different sections of the food system from production right through to nutrition.


Dr Peter Alexander, University of Edinburgh: ‘Food System Resilience Tested by COVID19’

Dr Emma Feeney, UCD: ‘The National COVID Food Survey’

Prof Patrick Wall, UCD: ‘The Covid19 Pandemic - Implications for the Food Industry’

Panel and Q&A: Chair Dr Aifric O’Sullivan, UCD

If you missed the live session, please see the recording.