Our Education Strategy

We aim to deliver excellence in education by:

  • Offering a comprehensive portfolio of high quality undergraduate and graduate taught programmes which are informed by the latest research, and which support our graduates throughout their careers.
  • Fostering a critical and scientific attitude to learning and through student-centred teaching ensure that all aspects of our students’ education needs - clinical, practical and interpersonal skills – are addressed.
  • Applying educational best practice to deliver high quality, innovative teaching and assessment.
  • Nurturing a commitment to career-long learning to ensure continued professional development and medical education.

Desired Graduate Attributes

Consistent with the University’s educational mission to create graduates who are academically excellent, intellectually agile and globally engaged, the School has defined target attributes for graduates from our undergraduate programmes.

Scientific Knowledge

We aim to develop in our students an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of healthy human development and an understanding of modern medicine including its applications and limitations. We teach our students to be self-directed learners and our graduates to be life-long participants in education and research.

Technical & Clinical Skills

We use innovative and creative educational approaches to develop in our students a repertoire of analytical, cognitive and examination skills and teach them key procedural techniques which become essential to their work as doctors, radiographers and scientists. Our objective is to build strong professional, inter-personal and decision-making skills that are key to success in their careers.


We develop in our students an innate sense of responsibility, commitment to social and cultural diversity, equity and ethical standards. Our students are enthused by the opportunity that our programmes give them to contribute to the growth and enhancement of human health.

We are acutely aware that each educational offering contributes to the development of expertise within the Irish health system and impacts directly on patient care standards. Our target graduate attributes inform also our graduate taught programmes which support continuous professional development.