Learning Technology

Academics at UCD School of Medicine have a long tradition of using technology to support learning. While this has received technical and financial support at School, College and University level, it has been the academics and students with their unique experience and perspectives on both subject matter and teaching and learning that have been, and will continue to be, the main drivers of this process.

However, Teaching & Learning IT and Media Services at UCD have provided invaluable advice and technical support for many of our projects. Similarly continued support from the team at UCD's Teaching and Learning places our projects on a sound pedagogical footing. Many of our projects have benefited from recognition and support at a national level from the National Digital Learning Repository and local support from the President's awards and grants.

Learning Technology Project Showcase

The appropriate use of technology can be anything from drawing a good diagram or illustrative animation for inclusion as part of your traditional teaching to the creation of an entire distance learning program. Visit our learning technology showcase to view a sample of our projects.

Call for Future Project Ideas


Are there aspects of your work with students that are critical but perhaps repetitive? Would judicious use of eLearning look after some of that heavy-lifting for you, thus making your teaching more flexible and rewarding for both you and your students?


Having recently had to learn the material, you have insights that we value into where the difficulties and inefficiencies lie. Perhaps you have an idea about how to use technology to make things better? If you do, and you’re willing to work with us, you may be able to help future students, complete a body of work eligible for the Student Summer Research Awards, earn academic credits, or monetary reward.

Next Steps

If the answer to any of these questions is yes the UCD School of Medicine Learning Technology Task Force would like to hear from you. While we are interested in all proposals (large and small) we particularly want to support academics who want to start incorporating some level of e-Learning into their modules but who don’t know where to start. Contact us to set up a discussion about your ideas by completing this short form: