Movember 2019

Move, Host, Grow or Just Mo'

The School and our good buddies in UCD Conway are gearing ourselves up for Movember 2019.  We invite everyone to join us and help change the face of Men's Health.

The Movember charity aims to raise funding for, and awareness of, issue and research related to men's health.  There are plenty of opportunities for our Mo'Bros and Mo'Sistas to get involved with this vital initiative.  Play your part in helping to stop men from dying too young.



Take our 60km Movember challenge for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour globally.  We'll help kick start your goal with weekly lunchtime walks around our beautiful UCD Belfield campus.  If you are based at one of our other sites, why not create your own local walk, discover your surroundings and let us know how you get on.

UCD Belfield

Meet up in the UCD Conway Institute Foyer every Friday in November at 12pm starting FRiday 1st November 2019.


The ultimate UCD Conway Institute bake sale – the stuff of legend.  Dr Amanda O’Neill is looking for bakers (and helpers) to whip up some sensational Mo’ treats to tempt every sweet tooth in the building and beyond.

Contact to get into the mix and watch this space for the cake sale date.


Ok – so the jury is always out on this one but if you fancy sporting some supplementary facial hair (or just supporting somebody who is going through that trauma), join Prof Bill Watson’s Conway Mo’ team or create you own. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mo Bro or a Mo Sista, Movember is for everyone.  Click here and sign up to fundraise to tackle some of the most significant health issues faced by men.

Just a Mo'ment!

So - it’s not an official one but it’s the @UCD_Conway initiative - we’ll be taking to Twitter to highlight ongoing research on men’s health here in the UCD Conway Institute. So, let us know what you want to say about your research project in less than 60 seconds. #MovemberIreland #justamoment  Tell us here.