October 2012

UCD Professors Join Forces with Concern 1000 DAYS Campaign

Fri, 5 October 12 09:00

Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe, Head of Women's and Children’s Health, UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science and Professor Cecily Kelleher, Head of the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Population Science were lead supporters at the launch of Concern’s 1000 DAYS Mother to Mother campaign, which took place on October 2nd in Dublin.

Dr Rhona Mahony, Master of the National Maternity Hospital and graduate of UCD School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, is also a lead ambassador of this campaign.

The 1000 DAYS campaign highlights the importance of good nutrition for mothers and babies – both here in Ireland and particularly in the developing world. Mother to Mother is a core part of Concern’s 1000 DAYS Campaign, which is based on simple but powerful evidence, first compiled in the British medical journal The Lancet in 2008, that good nutrition in the 1,000 days between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s second birthday is the best guarantee for lifelong health.

Dr Mahony travelled to Sierra Leone in September to visit some of Concern’s maternal and infant programmes in Sierra Leone in early September. In Sierra Leone, nearly one in every two children suffers from chronic malnutrition.   More than one in five children are born with stunted growth because mothers have a lack of food during pregnancy. 

One out of every 21 women will die as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, compared to one in 17,800 in Ireland. Life is tough for women and mothers but through its ongoing work on nutrition, health and education, Concern is working to ensure a better future for pregnant women and their babies. You can see Dr Mahony speaking about the difference 1000 DAYS can make to mothers and their babies from the District of Tonkolili in Sierra Leone here:

For more information on Concern's 1000 DAYS campaign, visit www.concern.net/1000days