October 2012

Graduate Diploma Healthcare (Risk Management & Quality) Class of 2012

Thu, 18 October 12 09:00

Dr Tracey CooperCongratulations from all at the School to recent graduates of the Graduate Diploma in Healthcare (Risk Management & Quality). On 13th September 2012, 14 graduates came together at UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology to be formally conferred with diplomas.

The master of ceremonies was Prof Denis Cusack, Professor of Forensic and Legal Medicine at University College Dublin. Also in attendance from the Forensic and Legal Medicine section at the School was Lecturer in Legal Medicine Mr Asim A. Sheikh BL, Lecturer in Forensic and Legal Medicine Dr Andrew Wilkinson and Lecturer in Legal Medicine Dr Cliona McGovern.

The course is one of the School’s most successful programmes and has had a considerable impact on the healthcare sector in Ireland. Since its inception in 1995, the course has facilitated 337 graduates; a great many of whom are now in high-ranking positions related to risk management and quality in healthcare and allied settings.

Professor Cusack congratulated the assembled graduands and commended the group for the dedication, commitment and persistence that each student brought to the 2011/12 programme. He pointed to the considerable and continued demand for the course; indicative of the increasing focus on managing risk and quality in our healthcare systems.

Lecturer and Course Coordinator Mr Asim Sheikh, acknowledged the invaluable assistance of the various stakeholders who contribute each year to the success of the course.

I want to acknowledge the assistance of Dr Ailis Quinlan and all at the State Claims Agency for their help and support, and I also want to thank Dr Tracey Cooper of Health Information & Quality Authority for her input and assistance throughout.”

Dr Tracey Cooper, Chief Executive of HIQA, keynote speaker at the graduation and contributor to the graduate diploma programme, congratulated the graduands and their families on what she described as “a truly fantastic achievement.”

It is so important that we come together in this way to recognise and mark the huge amount of work that you have all contributed in pursuit of this diploma. I can say, having worked in this area for quite some time, that there has never been a more important time for this kind of work. All of us who work in the quality and safety space are going to need you in the coming months and years.”

Dr Cooper then gave a dynamic presentation that outlined the many opportunities and challenges that will define risk management and quality assurance in the healthcare sector.

Dr Cooper presented a number of interesting statistics to set the scene for her lecture, entitled: Leading and Delivery a High-Reliability Culture.

  • 10% of hospital patients suffer an adverse event each year (UK, New Zealand, Canada and Europe)
  • 1.4 million hospital patients worldwide acquire Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)
  • 100,000 cases of HAI lead to 5,000 deaths a year (UK)
  • 98,000 hospital deaths every year through medical error (USA)
  • Unsafe injections cause 1.3 million deaths annually
  • There is a 1:1,000,000 chance of a traveller being harmed while in an aircraft. There is a 1:300 chance of a patient being harmed during health care

Dr Cooper said:

It’s important to remind ourselves on evenings like this why we’re here. We’ve all probably had the experience of a friend or family-member who upon engaging with the healthcare system in some way does not receive satisfactory care, service or attention. This is by no means an Ireland-specific problem. Delivering on reliability and safety is a global concern and that is why we come to work.”

Dr Cooper went on to discuss the importance of identifying and fostering leaders, implementing effective (and simple) governance structures and the critical issue of developing and maintaining a culture of openness and transparency. She finished with a quote from William A. Foster:

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

The 2012/2013 programme has already commenced, with an intake of 16 highly-motivated students; each of whom is committed to maintaining and improving standards of care and quality across the many facets of our healthcare system. Details regarding our next intake are outlined below.

List of Graduates

Ms Fiona Culkin Mr Brian Lee
Mr Colm Devine Ms Sarah McCarthy
Ms Mary Agnes Ferns Dr Catherine Murphy
Ms Yvonne Fitzsimons Ms Geraldine O'Brien
Ms Noreen Hayes Ms Anna Marie O'Connor
Mr Francis Jordan Dr Fionnuala O'Loughlin
Ms Caroline Kavanagh Ms Anne Pardy

Course Enquiries

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