September 2012

Inaugural Blood Cancer Ireland Forum 2012

Fri, 21 September 12 09:00

Professor Ken Anderson, Professor of Medicine at Dana Farber Institute, Harvard University, will deliver the keynote address at the Inaugural Irish Blood Cancer Forum 2012. The forum will hear from leading national and international experts in the understanding and treatment of blood cancers and multiple myeloma.

Publication of HPAT Report

Fri, 21 September 12 11:00

Following publication of the interim report on school-leaver entrants to medicine, the deans of the medical schools have recommended that the issue of entry to medicine and the inclusion of the HPAT as part of that process, be included in the deliberations of the Irish Universities' Association (IUA) working group currently considering the admissions process and criteria to universities.

Consortium of Universities Awarded EU Funding to Increase Usage of Neuroimaging

Fri, 21 September 12 09:00

A consortium of three leading universities has been awarded just over €1 million in EU funding to improve the application of imaging techniques in the diagnosis and understanding of dementia.

Low GI Diet During Pregnancy Reduces Chance of Excessive Weight Gain

Tue, 11 September 12 09:00

Mums-to-be can reduce their chances of excessive weight gain during pregnancy by up to 20% if they swap to a low glycaemic index (GI) diet, say researchers.

Summer Student Research Awards 2012

Tue, 4 September 12 09:00

UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science is delighted to announce details of the Student Summer Research Awards (SSRA) Initiative 2012. Now in its fifth year, the SSRA demonstrates the School’s commitment towards the ongoing development of an internationally recognised reputation in the area of research and innovation.

Fighting Malaria with the Help of Personal Computing Power

Tue, 4 September 12 09:00

UCD researchers, Dr Anthony Chubb and PhD student Kevin O’Brien, working with Conway Fellow, Professor Denis Shields in the Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL) are harnessing the donated computational power of personal computers to find new targets for anti-malarial drugs.