February 2013

Research Award at Annual Meeting of Society for Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Thu, 28 February 13 09:00

Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe and her research team – which specialises in maternal and fetal health – were awarded first prize for research at the 33rd annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, held in San Francisco, California from 6th-11th February 2013.

Primitive Forms of Complex Human Processes Identified in Amoeba

Wed, 27 February 13 09:00

The evolution of multicellularity marks one of the most profound evolutionary developments contributing to the appearance of human and animal life on the planet. However, with relatively little known about this seminal event, a number of international genome research efforts have focused on identifying a timeline for the emergence of key genome features that contributed to multicellularity.

Student Researcher Madeleine Sertic Published in Journal of Paediatric Radiology

Wed, 27 February 13 09:00

Madeleine Sertic, UCD medicine student and participant in the 2012 student summer research awards (SSRA) programme, has co-authored a publication in the Journal of Paediatric Radiology. Madeleine's study is based on research carried out during an international placement at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.

Students from Medical College of Wisconsin Welcomed to UCD

Wed, 27 February 13 09:00

UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science is proud of its partnership with the Institute for Health and Society, Medical College of Wisconsin. Over the last two years, that partnership has developed further through the enactment of a transatlantic student exchange programme between the two institutions.

UCD Medical Society Presents €22,573 to Charities & Patient Groups

Wed, 27 February 13 09:00

Congratulations to UCD Medical Society, whose members raised €22,573.63 for charity through its annual Med Day programme of events. The event is an important date in the medical student calendar, and represents an opportunity to support health care charities and patient advocate groups.

INMED 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting: Patient-Centred Medical Education

Wed, 20 February 13 09:00

UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science is delighted to formally open the Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED) 2013 Scientific meeting. The theme of this year’s conference, running from 20th-22nd February, is Patient-Centred Medical Education: Human Factors, Patient Safety, Learning from Patients.

14 Stage One & Stage Two Scholars Join the UCD Ad Astra Academy

Thu, 14 February 13 09:00

85 new scholars were welcomed into the Academy at an awards ceremony and dinner in O’Reilly Hall in January 2013. The academy welcomed 14 new scholars from UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science, each of whom were presented with Scholarships by Prof Mark Rogers.

Winners of 2nd Annual RAMI Section of Interns Study Day

Thu, 14 February 13 09:00

Congratulations to Dr. Olwen Murphy, Dr. Brian Moloney, Dr. Jack Woods and Dr C. Crowe, all of whom were awarded medals at the recent RAMI Section of Interns Study Day, which tool place on Saturday 26 January 2013.

Reversing End Organ Damage Through Diabetes Surgery

Thu, 14 February 13 09:00

UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science will host a study day on 26 August 2013 entitled: Reversing End Organ Damage Through Diabetes Surgery. The event is targeted towards all health care professionals interested in treating diabetes and its complications.

UCD Clinical Pathway 2013 Now Accepting Applications

Mon, 11 February 13 09:00

The School is delighted to formally invite applications to the 2013 UCD Clinical Pathway. This adjunct academic appointment scheme is designed to recognise those clinicians engaged in a career in medicine within our main teaching and affiliated hospitals and at other teaching environments, and who make a significant contribution to the School.

Rewiring the Nucleolus to Support HIV-1 Virus Replication

Mon, 11 February 13 09:00

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 is one of a number of viruses that rely heavily on the cell machinery in the host to replicate and establish an infection. The findings of new research describe how HIV-1 virus triggers changes in the cellular environment to boost protein production activities and support its replication strategy.