February 2013

UCD Medical Society Presents €22,573 to Charities & Patient Groups

Wed, 27 February 13 09:00

Congratulations to UCD Medical Society, whose members raised €22,573.63 for charity through its annual Med Day programme of events. The event is an important date in the medical student calendar, and represents an opportunity to support health care charities and patient advocate groups.

Speaking at the presentation to charities and advocate groups, David Ryan, Auditor of UCD Medical Society said:

More 400 students lined the streets of Dublin last October, raising for Temple Street Children's Hospital, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Ireland, Mater Cancer Research Appeal and Irish Sudden Infant Death Association (ISIDA). Thanks to all the drivers, cyclists, walkers etc. that donated; your contributions were very much appreciated by the medical society and by all of the charities to whom we contributed. We look forward to seeing you again same time next year.