February 2013

Student Researcher Madeleine Sertic Published in Journal of Paediatric Radiology

Wed, 27 February 13 09:00

Madeleine Sertic, UCD medicine student and participant in the 2012 student summer research awards (SSRA) programme, has co-authored a publication in the Journal of Paediatric Radiology. Madeleine's study is based on research carried out during an international placement at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.

The publication is entitled, 'Fate, complications and MRI implications of retention anchor suture placed during gastrostomy in children'. According to Madeleine:

Children with feeding difficulties or malnutrition may require a feeding tube to ensure proper nutrition. One type of feeding tube, called a gastrostomy tube, can be inserted by interventional radiologists through the abdomen into the stomach, and can be used for long term nutrition. The use of a metal retention anchor suture (RAS) is an important part of the insertion procedure. With the aid of numerous images, this publication examines the normal course of the RAS as it is eventually excreted by the patient. Also examined are complications, and the safety implications and magnetic interactions when a patient with an indwelling RAS requires an MRI.

Dr Amanda McCann, lecturer at UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science, and Chair of the Student Summer Research Awards (SSRA) committee, said:

Madeleine has excelled not just as a student of medicine but also as a young innovator and researcher; dedicated to enquiry and discovery for the benefit of patients. This co-authorship and publication is a testament to her skill and determination as an investigator. The School prides itself on embedding within our healthcare programmes student-led research, and Madeleine's efforts embody the spirit of the School's ethos.

Madeleine thanked her co-authors, the SSRA committee and all those at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for their support, guidance and mentorship.

Student Summer Research Awards (SSRA)

The Student Summer Research Awards (SSRA) programme encourages, supports and rewards excellence in student research. The SSRA enables students of Undergraduate Entry Medicine (UEM), Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM), Radiography and Biomedical Health and Life Sciences (BHLS) to undertake structured, voluntary research during the summer months. The programme is one of the highlights of the School calendar and brings to life our commitment to foster in our students a passion for enquiry, discovery and investigative research.

Students undertake eight-week supervised laboratory or clinical-based projects in Ireland or overseas at one of our partner institutions. Students may also select projects with an approved charity or patient-advocate partner. Participation provides students with invaluable experience in the area of investigative medical science, and is consistent with the School's ambition to produce not just exceptional healthcare practitioners, but also life-long learners and world-class medical researchers.