July 2013

UCD to be Aligned with Roll-out of National Integrated Medical Imaging Systems

Mon, 15 July 13 05:13

UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science has invested in a contract with McKesson Enterprise Medical Imaging to supply a state-of-the-art infrastructure of image archiving, workflow management and clinical case teaching resources for UCD Diagnostic Imaging; Ireland’s national centre of excellence in radiographic education and research.

The investment will fully align the facilities, resources and ICT infrastructure at UCD with the roll-out and implementation of the National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS). The national system was launched in 2010, to transition Ireland’s radiological services to a filmless ICT network and to consolidate all HSE radiological imaging records in a central data repository.

The national contract was awarded to McKesson Enterprise Medical Imaging and to date, 23 sites of the 39 public hospitals covered by the NIMIS contract have successfully gone live. 

Dr Louise Rainford, Head of Diagnostic Imaging at UCD said:

It is of critical importance that UCD systems align fully and seamlessly with the national infrastructure. This integration will deliver considerable value and benefit for our students, researchers and educational team; it means that the educational needs and experience of radiography students in Ireland will develop alongside the national implementation strategy.

Mr John Stowe, Lecturer at UCD Diagnostic Imaging and Course Director of the School’s well-established RISPACS (radiology information systems and picture archiving communication systems) programme said:

Diagnostic Imaging is a highly dynamic sector within a modern, multi-disciplinary healthcare service. UCD has, for many years, been recognised as a place of innovation with respect to training and research in diagnostic imaging; this investment will enable us to stay at the forefront of academic delivery and educational excellence.

McKesson Group Shot

UCD Diagnostic Imaging is a major section within UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science.University College Dublin is the National training centre for undergraduate Radiography students in Ireland, with an annual intake of more than 40 students to its BSc (Hons) programme. Diagnostic Imaging commenced its operations within the UCD Health Science Centre in 2006. At this time the department was the most technologically advanced education facility of its kind for Radiography.

Since then, Diagnostic Imaging has grown significantly and has developed strong educational and research affiliations at international level. In addition to the undergraduate programme, UCD Diagnostic Imaging delivers more than 20 graduate programmes to Masters, Diploma and Certificate Level. Further programmes will come on-stream in the coming two years, alongside an innovative portfolio of continuing professional development (CPD) options; launching in 2013.

Ray Cahill, McKesson’s Executive Director of International Operations said:

We are delighted to be working with the team at UCD. Both McKesson and UCD share a common goal; to ensure excellence in the delivery of diagnostic imaging services and solutions for the benefit of patients who will receive the service. We anticipate that this will be the beginning of a long and successful relationship.