June 2013

Successful Exchange Programme Between UCD and University of Queensland

Mon, 10 June 13 19:49

Image: [L-R] Prof Patrick Murray, Dean of Medicine UCD - Jessica Page and Kaitlyn Mullane, Queensland University

The School was delighted to host, from March-May 2013, two exchange students from the University of Queensland

Jessica Page and Kaitlyn Mullane undertook rotations through various specialties across the UCD clinical network, including two weeks in Radiology, two weeks in Endocrinology at the Mater Hospital, two weeks in Obstetrics at the Coombe and a two-week stint at Belfield, where they covered Forensic and Legal Medicine.

When asked to note any differences between their experience in Ireland versus the Australian system, Jessica pointed to the excellent support network for clinical students. According to Kaitlyn:

I really noticed the very direct involvement and support from clinical team members. For example we had a person doing research at UCD and part of her job involved looking after medical students when they came through for obstetrics. It was great to have someone to guide and direct us through the experience.

When asked about differences in terms of how the Australian and Irish healthcare systems are structured, Kaitlyn pointed to the greater role of primary care at home in Australia.

In terms of her experience in Dublin, Jessica said:

It’s been really nice to encounter so many friendly people. Everyone seemed willing to help us, Everyone was happy to have a chat,  and would ask us about everything we’ve done. That aspect has been really nice.

Jessica and Kaitlyn also recently met and exchanged advice with UCD students Colleen Hartnett and Ashe Moore, who will shortly begin a research placement at the University of Queensland. Colleen and Ashe successfully applied for the QU summer student research (SSR) placement and will present their research at the summer student research awards in September 2013.

With thanks to:

The School is grateful to the many administrative, technical and clinical/academic staff who support student exchange arrangements. In this case, the following individuals gave considerable time and expertise towards the smooth running of the programme:

  • Dr Martin O'Connell
  • Dr Eoin Kavanagh
  • Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe
  • Prof Donal O'Shea
  • Prof Denis Cusack