May 2013

UCD / Mater Researcher Leads Test of New Class of Drug to Target Skin Cancer

Thu, 23 May 13 14:25

A new class of drug targeting basal cell carcinoma, the most common skin cancer, has been successfully tested in humans for the first time. The research involves the drug DZ13, a molecular therapy, which works by switching off a gene called c-Jun that is linked to the production of a protein that causes cancer to grow and spread.

School Welcomes Arthritis Ireland / UCD Professor of Rheumatology

Wed, 22 May 13 13:56

The School is delighted to welcome Professor Gerry Wilson who will shortly take up position of Arthritis Ireland/UCD Professor of Rheumatology. We are also pleased to announce a number of research opportunities within Prof Wilson's group at doctoral, post-doctoral and research fellow level as well as a number of research-support positions.

Vacancy: Technical Officer at UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Sciences

Thu, 23 May 13 14:16

University College Dublin is seeking to appoint a Technical Officer in Pharmacology, in the School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science. The successful candidate will be expected to carry out technical duties, principally in the undergraduate teaching laboratories of the School.

Study: Ireland Needs Real-time Database for Teen and Young Adult Suicides

Wed, 22 May 13 08:48

A new report on suicide in Ireland shows that suicide cases experienced a significant number (and intensity) of life events in the 6 months prior to their death. These life events include bereavement, relocation, relationship break-up, and in the cases of the younger cases, bullying (both inside and outside the school environment) and/or having been assaulted was also evident in excess.

UCD Research Team Identifying Key Regulators of Kidney Injury

Fri, 10 May 13 09:00

UCD researchers led by Professor Catherine Godson have described for the first time how the miRNA family - a recently discovered class of RNA molecules that regulate how genes are expressed- plays a key role in regulating kidney injury by targeting key fibrosis pathways in human kidney epithelial cells.

Study Involving UCD Researchers Discovers New 'On' Signal for Inflammation

Fri, 10 May 13 09:00

A new study involving UCD researchers has discovered a signal that appears to trigger inflammation when the threat of a bacterial infection looms, and the experiments have also been able to block the signal in lab models, pointing to possible new approaches to treating inflammatory diseases.