September 2013

Eight Exceptional Young Investigators Selected to Compete in SSRA 2013 Final

Wed, 25 September 13 08:26

On Tuesday 24th October, eight young researchers - all of whom were ranked as exceptional by the adjudication panel - were selected to compete in the final of the 2013 Summer Student Research programme. Each of the finalists will present their research at the awards night, which takes place on Thursday 3rd October at the UCD Debating Chamber. 

Professor Michael Keane, chair of the adjudication panel, paid tribute to the finalists and all who presented projects at Tuesday's event:

As usual, the standard was incredibly high. Choosing eight finalists out of more than 70 entrants was not an easy task. Congratulations to those who made it through and well done to all who participated in the programme on Tuesday and throughout the summer.

Congratulations to the eight finalists:

Megan Brophy 
Vascular tissue engineering: endothelial cell-mediated effects on extracellular matrix synthesis by arterial smooth muscle cells in culture
Supervisor - Dr Tom Flanagan

Rachel Dilworth
The role of srf in epithelial to mesenchymal transition (emt) in advanced prostate cancer
Supervisor - Dr Maria Prencipe

William Courtney
Analysis of caesarean section rates in gestational diabetes: use of the robson groups to allow meaningful examination of data
Supervisor - Prof Michael Foley

John Nealon
Identification of a gene causing epileptic encephalopathy in a single Irish family
Supervisor - Dr Sean Ennis

Harmony Uwadiae
Role of hypoxia inducible transcription factors hif-1 and hif-2 in macrophage differentiation towards pro-inflammatory m1 or pro-resolution m2 phenotypes
Supervisor - Dr Deborah Higgins

Brendan Kelly
The development of diagnostic accuracy and search pattern behavior in the interpretation of chest radiographs
Supervisor - Dr Louise Rainford

Ju Vern Ew
Bioinformatics analysis to identify processed pseudogenes in breast cancer 
Supervisor - Dr Peadar O'Gaora

Brian Gaffney
Ezh-2 expression is inhibited in prostate cancer cell lines by microrna mir-124 overexpression
Supervisor - Dr Ai-Hong Ma


Competition Final

Competition Final -Thursday 3rd October 2013 
17.00 - 21:00 Summer Student Research Awards 2013
17.00   Reception, New Student Centre
18.00  Welcome from Dr Amanda McCann 
18.10 Gold Medal Finalist Presentations
20.30 Announcement of SSRA 2013 Medalists