January 2014

Worldwide Audience Witness 2014 Clinical Commencement Ceremony

Wed, 29 January 14 09:00

A large worldwide audience of family and friends tuned into UCD for the 2014 Clinical Commencement 'White Coat' Ceremony which took place on Wednesday 29th January 2014.  This international audience joined 626 guests who attended in person at UCD O’Reilly Hall for the fifth School clinical commencement ceremony.

This year, 310 undergraduate entry and graduate entry medicine students were ‘robed’ by a selection of senior faculty at the ceremony which is rapidly becoming an important milestone for our medical students.  The Clinical Commencement Ceremony marks the mid-way point of our students’ medical education at UCD and the progression into full time clinical training at our affiliated teaching hospitals and across our primary care network.

Focusing in on high-resolution network biology

Wed, 22 January 14 22:45

A central challenge in genetics is the understanding of how changes in DNA result in observable changes in an organism. Traditional network biology approaches treat genes and their protein products as simple nodes ignoring their structural propertiers. In a recent article published in Nature Review Genetics, UCD Newman Fellow, Dr Colm J Ryan and colleagues in the University of California, San Francisco examine techniques which examine the genotype/phenotype connection in their network context.

Ultimately, methods such as those discussed in the review may lead to the development of improved targeted therapeutics. For example, it has been observed in cancer that different mutations of the same oncogene can result in different clinical outcomes, including differential sensitivities to therapeutics. Such phenomena are poorly understood, and drug-gene and gene-gene interaction screens of the type discussed in the paper will be necessary to address this gap in our knowledge. 

RAMI Intern Study Day 2014

Wed, 22 January 14 21:00

The RAMI Section of Interns Study Day took place in the Corrigan and Graves Hall, RCPI, Kildare St on Saturday 18th January 2014. 235 abstracts were received from interns across all Intern Training Networks to be considered at the Study Day. 

Mr. George Hook, Broadcaster, Journalist and Sports Commentator delivered an entertaining and impassioned keynote speech on the importance of Appropriate Career Choices.

UCD Clinical Pathway 2013 Appointments

Sat, 18 January 14 20:46

The 2013 UCD Clinical Pathway has concluded with the appointment of 32 first time applicants and the advancement of 8 existing adjunct appointees to a higher academic rank.  249 individuals who were appointed for five years during the 2008/2009 scheme have been re-appointed at the same academic rank.  Three individuals (Prof Peter Kelly, Prof Kieran Sheahan and Prof Niall Tubridy) have advanced to UCD Clinical Professor while first time applicant Prof Eileen Treacy has also been appointed at the same rank.  Four applicants (Prof Mary Clark, Prof Eoin Kavanagh, Prof Malcolm Kell and Prof Brendan Kelly) have advanced to the rank of UCD Associate Clinical Professor within the pathway.  Feedback on the operation of the scheme will be considered before the 2014 UCD Clinical Pathway re-opens for applications in Summer/Autumn 2014.

Delegation from University of Shenzhen

Sat, 18 January 14 23:00

The School was pleased to welcome a delegation from the University of Shenzhen Medical School who visited the campus from 13th – 15th January 2014.  The visit builds on the growing relationship between both Universities first established in 2008. The parties discussed the implementation of a joint Masters in Clinical & Translational Research programme which is scheduled to commence in Shenzhen this autumn.  The visiting delegation also explored a range of other possible education and research collaboration across health sciences and international clinical trials involving Irish multinational clinical research organisation, ICON plc.  These initiatives are possible programmes within a planned SZU/UCD Institute for Health Sciences based at the University of Shenzhen.