January 2014

UCD Clinical Pathway 2013 Appointments

Sat, 18 January 14 20:46

We are pleased to report that the 2013 UCD Clinical Pathway was concluded in December 2013 with the formal noting by the UCD Governing Authority, of proposed adjunct academic appointments.  Individual applicants will be contacted over the coming weeks by UCD Human Resources with formal letters of appointment. 

We regret the delay in completing this process which arose due to changes in the School/College leadership and due difficulties in scheduling the Review Panel.  The need to re-affirm a large number of appointments which had been made in 2008 also added to the process delay.  The School very much appreciates applicants’ patience while they awaited the outcome of the deliberations.

During this round of the competition, 32 new adjunct academic appointments were made comprising first time applicants to the scheme.  Of a total of 281 applications received from existing adjunct staff, 8 (out of 41 applications for promotion) were advanced to higher academic rank within the pathway.  249 existing applicants were re-appointed at the same academic rank.  Consistent with the University adjunct appointment terms and conditions, all appointments – first time and promotions – are valid for a period of 5 years.  Thereafter, applicants will need to re-present their credentials for continued appointment.

The UCD Clinical Pathway scheme was introduced in 2008 to recognise the contribution of consultants, radiographers and general practitioners to our academic programmes.  A total of 681 applications have been considered for appointment or for advancement over the six years that the scheme has operated.  There are 362 current adjunct appointments within the scheme comprising:

Academic Rank

No. of Appointments

% of Total

UCD Clinical Professor



UCD Associate Clinical Professor



UCD Senior Clinical Lecturer



UCD Clinical Lecturer



Total UCD Clinical Pathway Appointments




Applications are considered under the criteria:

  • Research Scholarship & Innovation
  • Clinical & Academic Leadership
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Consistent with the internal UCD staff appointments and promotion scheme, applicants must present evidence of reaching appropriate benchmarks in each of these criteria to be considered for advancement to higher academic rank.  As it is an evaluation based on academic outputs, the scheme does not necessarily reflect current clinical seniority of applicants. It is recognised that the majority of the applicants have little or no protected time to pursue academic interests and many carry very heavy clinical workloads.

Our congratulations to existing clinical adjuncts, Professor Peter Kelly (MMUH), Professor Niall Tubridy (SVUH) and Professor Kieran Sheahan (SVUH) who were promoted from UCD Associate Clinical Professor rank during this year’s assessment.  They join first time applicant, Professor Eileen Treacy (MMUH/CUH) and previous appointee, Professor Geraldine McCarthy (MMUH) as the six UCD Clinical Professors.

Four applicants promoted to the rank of UCD Associate Clinical Professor include Associate Professor Mary Clark (SJOG), Associate Professor Eoin Kavanagh (MMUH), Associate Professor Malcolm Kell (MMUH), and Associate Professor Brendan Kelly (MMUH).

A full list of appointees can be found here.

The UCD Clinical Pathway has been very successful since it was introduced in 2008 and has resulted in increased engagement by a large number of clinical staff who are essential to our academic programmes.  Appointments under the scheme allow the School to make available to those appointed, a range of University resources and supports.  Similar schemes, modelled on the UCD Clinical Pathway, have been adopted by other Irish medical schools.

The School would like to thank academic staff within the College of Health Sciences, members of the University Committee for Academic Appointments, Tenure and Promotion and Ms Allison Kacperski (UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science, School Office) for their assistance with this scheme.

We will consider feedback from the Review Panel on the operation of the scheme and will finesse the process before it re-opens for applications later in the Summer/Autumn 2014.  We welcome constructive feedback from applicants also on the scheme.