January 2014

Delegation from University of Shenzhen

Sat, 18 January 14 23:00

The School was pleased to welcome a delegation from the University of Shenzhen Medical School who visited the campus from 13th – 15th January 2014.  The visit builds on the growing relationship between both Universities first established in 2008 with visits to Southern China by Prof Bill Powderly, then Dean of Medicine and Dr Jason Last, Associate Dean for Programmes & Educational Innovation.

The Shenzhen delegation who visited this week included:

  • Prof. Guan Youfei, Director of Shenzhen University Health Science Centre
  • Prof. Xie Miao, Deputy Director of Shenzhen University Health Science Centre
  • Prof. Zhou Guangqian, Assistant to Director, International Affairs
  • Prof. Fu Xiaoyuan, Assistant to Director, Head of Affiliated Hospital Preparation Team
  • Prof. Hu Dongsheng, Head of School of Public Health Preparation Team
  • Prof. Lu Desheng, Professor in Oncology
  • Ms Ye Xiufeng, Vice Director of 1st Affiliated Hospital

The parties discussed the implementation of a joint Masters in Clinical & Translational Research programme which is scheduled to commence in Shenzhen this autumn.  Participating students in the programme will spend one year at each Medical School.  The programme is being coordinated at UCD by Dr Peter Doran, Scientific Director of the UCD Clinical Research Centre and interim Director, Ireland East Clinical Research Network.

The visiting delegation also explored a range of other possible education and research collaboration across health sciences and international clinical trials involving Irish multinational clinical research organisation, ICON plc.  These initiatives are possible programmes within a planned SZU/UCD Institute for Health Sciences based at the University of Shenzhen.

We hope that our visitors enjoyed their busy and productive visit to Ireland and look forward to continued collaboration over the coming years.