May 2014

Tribute to Brian Bentley

Sat, 24 May 14 23:12

Ms Kate Matthews (UCD Diagnostic Imaging) pays tribute to Brian Bentley, Past President of the Society and College of Radiographers (UK) and former Editor-in-Chief of Radiography.

Tasked with writing a tribute to the late Brian Bentley from those of us in University College Dublin (UCD) who remember him, it took a fair amount of reflection to decide what exactly should be said in a short paragraph.

Brian’s outstanding lifetime contribution to the profession of radiography is already well documented. Likewise, tributes have already commended his sense of humour and ability to tell a good tale about things radiographic (and things not radiographic at all).

I could document Brian’s input as external examiner and adviser to UCD’s Radiography degree programme, but that would add only a little detail to the impressive career descriptions already presented. So I turn my reflections to a conversation I once had with Brian concerning the absolute need for good professionals to be truly enthusiastic about their profession. And therein I think I find the appropriate tribute.

Brian had professional enthusiasm in abundance. This showed in his genuine interest and support for people at all stages of their professional career. And Brian had true enthusiasm for radiography: an enthusiasm that was spread across education, clinical practice and research, but an enthusiasm that was never diluted by being directed to so many aspects of the profession.

So, the profession of radiography has lost a truly enthusiastic professional. I suppose the ultimate tribute would be for us all to try and propagate that professional enthusiasm...    Brian: Requiesce in Pace

Radiography Loses an Important Figure in Education (Society of Radiographers)