January 2015

Primary School Children Enjoy the 10th Annual Visit to SMMS During Young Scientist Week

Wed, 28 January 15 15:48

The Young Scientist Competition is a highlight on the school calendar for many second level students The Primary Science Fair, which was created to generate more of an appetite for science among younger students, is also growing in popularity year on year.

Over the last decade, Prof Watson has worked with the teachers at St Andrew’s National School to help them to deliver a more exciting Science syllabus and has supported them in relation to their project submission to the Primary Science Fair during Young Scientist Week. Every year, the students present their poster in the RDS and then visit SMMS where they get to interact with Prof Watson and his research team.  Professor Jason Last also provides students with an introduction to the structure and function of anatomy specimens.

Speaking about the initiative, Prof Watson said:

“The enthusiasm of the students has made this a very enjoyable and informative experience and it always amazes me to see the wide range of insightful questions I get over the course of the visits to the children’s school and during their visit to UCD SMMS.”

Professor Jason Last said

“I personally look forward to this visit.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to show these young students how medical science impacts on people and society.  Each year, a number of the children in the group express an interest in becoming doctors and I look forward to seeing their faces amongst the medical students in years to come.  Even though the initiative is supposed to inspire and encourage the students to explore medical science, I always walk away from the day feeling inspired and encouraged myself.”

Caption: Some of the students from St Andrew's National School enjoying their time at the Primary Science Fair which was followed by the annual school trip to SMMS during Young Scientist Week