July 2015 | Iúil 2015

U21 SoMe in Health Video Submissions

Fri, 24 July 15 10:18

The Universitas 21 Health Sciences Social Media for Education in Health committee is seeking submissions of 3-minute YouTube videos to illustrate the use and/or impact of social media on our approach to knowledge sharing and education.  

More details about the competition are available on the U21 website.

The deadline for submission is Friday 21st August and the winners will be announced at the U21 Health Sciences meeting in Chile in September, 2015.

It is hoped that this competition will help all U21 members to see how social media can be leveraged for training and knowledge advancement.

The organisers look forward to your submissions and invite all members to their workshop on September 22nd in Chile (u21health.org/santiago-2015).

Organisers: Prof Kendall Ho & Prof Jason Last on behalf of the U21 HS Social Media for Education in Health Committee