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Teachers of the Year 2015

Mon, 8 June 15 17:16

2015 Teachers of the Year Awards

Academic staff were recognised for their teaching excellence in the School's Annual Teachers of the Year Awards which were presented by UCD President, Prof Andrew Deeks at the UCD Medicine 2015 Gala Dinner on Monday 8th June 2015.  

These awards are voted by our students and are very much appreciated by academic staff as a recognition of their teaching efforts.    Awards were presented for Radiography, Medicine (Preclinical), Medicine (Clinical), Physiology and Biomedical, Health & Life Science degree programmes.

Programme Teacher of the Year 
Radiography Ms Marion Maher
Preclinical Medicine Dr Tom Flanagan
Clinical Medicine  Dr John Seery
Physiology  Dr Stuart Bund
Biomedical, Health & Life Science  Dr Orina Belton

Congratulations to all our staff for their continued efforts to deliver the highest possible standards of teaching within our programmes.

Administrative & Technical Staff Awards

Administrative and technical staff were also recognised as UCD President Prof Andrew Deeks presented Administrator of the Year to Ms Anna Matusak (Diagnostic Imaging) and Technician of the Year Award to Mr Peter McLoughlin (Biomedical Sciences). Ms Helen Stewart (National Maternity Hospital) who is retiring from the School at twenty years of service was also recognised.  Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe paid tribute to Helen's dedicated service before a bouquet of flowers were presented by Prof Deeks.

Prof Andrew Deeks presents Technician of the Year award to Mr Peter McLoughlin and Administrator of the Year award to Ms Anna Matusak at the UCD Medicine Gala Dinner, June 2015, UCD O'Reilly Hall, Belfield

Prof Andrew Deeks presents Ms Helen Stewart with a bouquet of flowers to mark her 20 years of service for UCD School of Medicine at National Maternity Hospital at the UCD Medicine 2015 Gala Dinner.