June 2015 | Meitheamh 2015

5th Annual U21 United Nations Development Goals Workshop

Mon, 8 June 15 09:51

The 2-day Workshop consisted of guest lectures and in-depth multi-disciplinary team-based activities, where our students worked closely with students from various health sciences backgrounds from 5 different European Universities. The group were led by Ms Nadia d’Alton, who gave the following feedback:

The programme was a half day of presentations by speakers on various topics such as “The spread of old infectious in our Close surroundings” by Prof Per Bjorkman, “Global Child Health” by Maria Mossberg MD and “Torture victims at our doorstep” by Henrik Nilson, Physiotherapist Red Cross. The second day was dedicated for students to work on case studies on SDGs and present them to the committee members.

The enthusiasm and work produced by all students were remarkable and of a high standard. All 12 had the opportunity to engage in a focused interdisciplinary work, in an international context. Many of the students have expressed interest to be involved in UNMDG/SDG -related projects in the future.

UCD has played an active role within the U21 Health Sciences Group UNMDG Initiative since its inception, having sent students to every meeting and hosting the event in 2014. We look forward to continued involvement in 2015/16, and welcome interest from students and staff who’d like to get involved.

For more information contact Gareth.shaw@ucd.ie or nadia.dalton@ucd.ie, or visit: http://www.u21mdg4health.org/home/ 

Caption: Some of the Medicine, BHLS, Nursing and Physiotherapy students selected to attend the Lund Workshop, pictured following their pre-departure briefing with with Dr Patrick Felle, Prof Patrick Murray, Ms Nadia d’Alton and Ms Una Fitzgerald.