May 2015 | Bealtaine 2015

U21 Health Sciences Teaching Excellence Awards

Fri, 22 May 15 09:26

The Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group are now launching the U21 Health Sciences Teaching Excellence Awards.  These awards are designed to offer health science based junior faculty (between 3 and 8 years teaching experience) an opportunity to develop international collaborations and to provide an evidence based for their career progression.  

Each U21 institution is required to have process by which one individual will be nominated to compete for the award.  Across the U21 Network, two awards will be made after reviewing all nominations.  The two awardees will be required to work together in advance of a U21 Health Science meeting to create a workshop and the individuals will be sponsored to attend that international meeting where they will also receive the certificate and associated  ornament.

Within UCD Health Sciences, the process of nomination is being led by Professor Jason Last, Chair of the College Global Engagement Group, in association with Dr Martin McNamara, Chair of the College Education and Training Group.  The steps towards nomination will be as follows:
1) Submission by email of expressions of interest from faculty who are eligible (May 22nd 2015 to June 10th 2015).
2) Review of expressions of interest by a panel with representation from the three health science schools to create a short list (one week).
3) Each shortlisted colleague will then be invited to submit a more detailed application (two weeks).
4) The panel will reconvene to review the applications and one individual will be nominated to the represent UCD in the U21 network competition (by July 23rd 2015).
A more detailed set of criteria can be found on the U21 Health Sciences Group site (
To submit an expression of interest, please send an email to the School Office ( with the following content:
1) In the Subject Heading: U21 Teaching Excellence Award
2) Your role, title and years of experience in University Teaching
3) No more than 200 words in each of the following categories:
a) International collaboration in teaching and learning or internationalisation of curricula.
b) Contribution to advancing teaching and learning, especially interdisciplinary activities.
c) Evidence of an outstanding and sustained record of teaching.
Informal enquiries will be also very welcome to Professor Last, Associate Dean for Programmes & Educational Innovation
UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science