October 2015 | Deireadh Fómhair 2015

Strong UCD Diagnostic Imaging Presence at EU Radiography Workshop

Thu, 22 October 15 17:17

Dr Shane Foley and Dr Louise Rainford presenting at the EU PiDRL Workshop in Lisbon


Strong UCD Diagnostic Imaging Representation at EU Radiography PiDRL Workshop, Lisbon October 2015

Reflecting their leadership role in European radiography, there was a strong UCD Diagnostic Imaging presence at the recent PiDRL Workshop focussed upon European Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging in Lisbon from the 15th to the 17th October 2015.  UCD DI academic staff attended and presented at the meeting which was coordinated by the European Society of Radiology and funded by the EU Commission. The workshop took place in the Lisbon School of Health Technology/Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Lisboa, Portugal.

The PiDRL project is intended to agree on a methodology for establishing and using diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for paediatric imaging, and update and extend the European DRLs to cover more types of examinations. The main task is to develop European guidelines on DRLs for paediatric imaging covering a wide range of procedures such as plain radiography, fluoroscopy, CT and fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures.

Dr Shane Foley, lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging has been an active PiDRL group member and was recruited to work with the PiDRL committee by the European Federation of Radiographers Societies (EFRS). Dr Foley presented a report update on the literature review performed by the PIDRL group with respect to CT literature. He additionally delivered two scientific presentations

A comparison of age and weight groupings for establishing local DRLs in paediatric cardiac catheterisation examinations. S Foley, L Masterson, L Rainford (UCD, IE; OLHSC, IE)

A comparison of patient weight, age and diameter grouping/categorisation for establishing diagnostic reference levels in paediatric CT.  S Foley, D Murphy (UCD, IE; OLHSC, IE).


Dr Louise Rainford also attended the workshop and delivered a further presentation which had completed as part of her work in the Educational Wing of the EFRS and her role in promoting collaborative research across European Radiography Groups.

A three centre European study of the feasibility of establishing diagnostic reference levels in paediatric cardiac interventional radiology. L Rainford, D Catania, L Masterson, A Dogan, C Mc Claren, S Foley (UCD, IE; AITRI, IT; OLHSC, IE; GOSH, UK).

International representatives from the Radiology, Medical Physics and Radiography communities were present including the eminent Prof Donal Frush from Duke Medical Centre USA, Chair of the Image Gently Organisation, who delivered several presentations including American College of Radiology (ACR) CT Dose Index Registry: A Resource for Pediatric CT Diagnostic Reference Levels.