June 2016 | Meitheamh 2016

Key UCD Medicine Research Dates 2016/2017

Wed, 8 June 16 16:57


Please submit completed applications to medicine.research@ucd.ie prior to the 30th December 2016 deadline for September registration. Application forms are available here. For students who will be in receipt of a Scholarship commencing January 2017, please submit completed applications by Friday, 4th December 2016.


The next thesis submission date for Graduate Research Students is Friday, 13th January 2017. Students are required to submit three soft bound copies of their thesis together with a signed thesis submission form (available here) to Student Desk in Tierney building, UCD, Belfield. Please click here for the opening hours and map for the Student Desk.



If students are intending to submit in January 2017, staff are advised to forward the completed examiner nomination form (Examiner Nomination Form‌) for approval at the College Graduate School Board and ACCE meetings by Tuesday, 3rd January 2017. Completed forms should be submitted to‌ medicine.research@ucd.ie.



The PhD Stage 1 to Stage 2 Transfer Process is run twice a year. Full-time students who registered for PhD studies in January 2016 and part-time students who registered in January 2015 will be required to undertake this assessment process in April 2017. However, there are other categories of student, who may not be included on the current list of registered PhD students, who may also be required to undergo this assessment. These may include:

  • MD students who wish to transfer to a PhD programme
  • MSc students who wish to transfer to a PhD programme

For students who would be eligible for a Stage 1-Stage 2 transfer in April 2017, Staff are advised to email medicine.research@ucd.ie by Friday, 27th January 2017, so that these students can be included in Medicine Research's planning for the April assessment. For this assessment process, please contact medicine.research@ucd.ie.



Three DSP meeting are required in the first year of students' registration.

The first meeting of a student’s DSP is organised by the principal supervisor within 3 months of the student’s initial registration, the panel should also meet at 6 months and at 12 months post registration.

Please note that it is also now mandatory that in addition to the three DSP meetings that occur in the first year of a PhD that at least one DSP meeting occurs each year thereafter.

The focus of these meetings should be on the progression of students' work and their ability to take responsibility for their own project, use initiative and critically analyse and discuss the results. Signed RPDP forms must be submitted to the school research office each year.

Please note it is the responsibility of the student and the supervisor to ensure that the DSP meetings take place.

Forms to record DSP meetings can be downloaded from here (Download College of Science & College of Health and Agricultural Sciences forms).

Please return completed DSP reports to medicine.research@ucd.ie for the student file.


Please contact medicine.research@ucd.ie