June 2016 | Meitheamh 2016

Continued Success for PMC Student

Tue, 28 June 16 19:07

Our congratulations to Dr Ew Ju Vern who has been awarded first place in the final examinations at Penang Medical College in the 2016 Medicine Conferrings in Penang.  The perennial award-winning student from Kuala Lumpur took the overall first place in the UCD / RCSI Final Examinations as well as winning the Malaysian Medical Association (Penang Branch) first prize in surgery and the Penang Medical Practitioners’ Society Book Prize in Family Medicine. 

Dr Ew had previously won the Dr National University of Ireland’s Henry Hutchinson Stewart Medical Scholarship in Medical Microbiology (2014, 1st Place) and in Pathology (Commendation).  National University of Ireland Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning was on hand to present the NUI awards to the distinguished young doctor who also gave the Student Valedictorian address at the conferring ceremony. Ju Vern is well known to the School for her multiple successes in our Student Summer Research Awards having taken medals in both 2013 and 2014.  

Prof Patrick Murray (Dean of Medicine), Dr Ju Vern Ew (PMC), Dr Maurice Manning (Chancellor, NUI) and Dr Attracta Halpin (Registrar, NUI)

(left to right) Prof Patrick Murray, Dr Ju Vern Ew, Dr Maurice Manning (Chancellor, NUI) and Dr Attract Halpin (Registrar, NUI)

During her studies at UCD, she took 1st place in the 2012/2013 James B. Coakley Award for Dissection, 2nd place in the 2012/2013 Ambrose Birmingham Anatomy Medal, and had the highest GPA in Stage 3 UCD/PMC Medicine in 2012/2013.  She also took 1st place in the Pathology Society of Great Britain & Ireland undergraduate Essay Essay Prize 2013 and received the Catholic University Award for her performance in Medicine Stage 4 in 2013/2014.  She has represented UCD at the Dublin Pathology 2015 conference and was a conference representative at the UN Millennium Development Goals Conference the same year. 

Speaking after the conferring ceremony, Ju Vern said that she was inspired in her career choice by her paediatrician father, Dr Ew Chai Huyok and she dedicated her success to him as a Father’s Day gift.  Reflecting on her experience as a medical student, Dr Ju Vern noted,

“Nobody can ever tell you what medical school is going to be like. They can tell you about the heavy books and the long hours but never the trust people display when they tell you their stories, their vulnerabilities, as they offer their bodies and their pain up you for examination.

The strength of human connection as people gather around a sickbed ; How powerless you sometimes feel because healing is a distant horizon. But then how important kindness is and the weight of your calming words. Five years and we have hurt for our patients, but also celebrated their passage back to health. Five years, and wasn’t it worth it?”

Asked about the secrets behind her many successes, Ju Vern said it was important to have the right attitude and to not give up easily.

“I do not have any special secret but I strive harder.”

Dr Ew Ju Vern was joined at the Penang Medical College 16th Convocation ceremony by her father, Dr Ew Chai Huyok, her mother, Teh Beng Choo and her brother Gene Wern.