November 2016 | Samhain 2016

UCD Intern Career Advice Day

Sun, 20 November 16 12:45

The UCD Intern Career Advice Day took place on Sat 19 Nov 16 at the Mater Miersicordiae University Hospital.  Approximately 90 of the 141 UCD Medical Interns attended the event which included a series of presentations on different career pathways and practice interviews as participants anticipate completion of the UCD Intern Training Programme in July 2017.

UCD Medicine Alumnus Named IDSA President

Wed, 23 November 16 11:25

Dr William G Powderly, former Dean of Medicine & Head, UCD School of Medicine, has been named as President of the Infectious Disease Society of America (ISDA), an organisation of physicians, scientists and other health care professionals dedicated to promoting health through excellence in infectious disease research, education, prevention and patient care.

Teddy Bear Hospital 2017

Tue, 29 November 16 21:43

The UCD Paediatric Society invite staff members to get involved with their children's outreach project - The Teddy Bear Hospital 2017.  The aim of this initiative is to tackle childhood anxiety towards hospitals.  Through fun and play, it is hoped that we can promote understanding and alleviate fear associated with attending hospital.

2016 NUI Dr H H Stewart Medical Scholarships & Prizes

Fri, 18 November 16 23:05

UCD was well represented among the 2016 NUI Dr H H Stewart Medical Scholarships and Prizes with three UCD Medicine students taking all three Pharmacology prizes.

EpiCor Therapeutics Wins UCD Start-Up of the Year

Fri, 18 November 16 18:45

EpiCor Therapeutics, an early-stage biotech start-up, has won University College Dublin’s (UCD) 2016 Start-Up of the Year Award. The UCD School of Medicine start-up founded by Assoc Prof John Baugh, Dr Nadia Glezeva, Dr Chris Watson, Assoc Prof Mark Ledwidge and Prof Ken McDonald, won the prestigious award, and a €20,000 prize, after being declared overall winner of the 2016 UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Programme.

Dr Anne Merriman Receives 2016 UCD Alumni Award

Wed, 16 November 16 09:47

Dr Anne Merriman (UCD Medicine 1963) has been honoured by the University in its 2016 UCD Alumni Awards in recognition of a distinguished career in palliative care in Africa. The UCD Alumni Awards proudly celebrate the outstanding achievements of our alumni who uphold values that UCD holds dear – integrity, excellence, collegiality, engagement, creativity and diversity.

Bedside Teaching in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Sun, 13 November 16 19:14

A qualitative research study by the UCD Obstetrics & Gynaecology Group shows that patient-centred bedside clinical teaching is highly valued by students in the consolidation of obstetrics knowledge and the development of communication skills. The study’s first author, Dr Danielle Cotter (UCD Medicine 2016) is currently completing her medical internship.  A graduate entry medicine student, Danielle has a BA in Psychology (UCD 2010) and an MSc in Management Organisation Studies (UCD 2010).

Understanding Bariatric Surgery: Making People Healthy Rather Than Thin

Mon, 7 November 16 15:03

Professor Carel Le Roux, School of Medicine, has travelled in 2016 to Moscow to give a lecture on the mechanisms of bariatric surgeries, and to Australia, for a series of lectures discussing the topic of his newly published research paper in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on why the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK should be doing more bariatric surgeries.

Cancer Research to Reduce Number of Patients Exposed to Excessive Treatment

Mon, 7 November 16 12:21

A UCD cancer research project that aims to reduce the harmful effects of over-treatment by more accurately diagnosing patients has received €2.5 million in funding from Science Foundation Ireland

UCD School of Medicine PhD student awarded young investigator prize for blood pressure research

Mon, 7 November 16 11:31

A UCD School of Medicine PhD graduate has been awarded a young investigator prize by the British Hypertension Society for his research that has found a new way of lowering blood pressure levels in patients.

Genomics Medicine Ireland Raises $40 Million in Series A Funding

Fri, 4 November 16 15:03

Irish life-sciences startup, Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) has secured Series A investment of $40 million investment which will be used to establish a world-class genomic research and development program in Dublin and to create 150 highly-skilled jobs focused on advanced genomic research over the next three years.

New Treatment for Exhaustion Among Women in Ireland

Wed, 30 November 16 23:59

An Irish academic start-up company has developed an innovative new iron supplement which, it is hoped, will more effectively address exhaustion, particularly among women of childbearing age.  Exhaustion has reached epidemic levels for Irish women, with new research revealing that 9 out of 10 women are struggling with extreme tiredness in their daily lives. The findings come as studies show that only 18% of Irish women of childbearing age get adequate iron from their diet and one in three women experiencing tiredness stop taking iron supplements because of side effects.

Medical Litigation in the US and Ireland

Thu, 20 July 17 19:01

UCD Forensic & Legal Medicine were delighted to welcome His Excellency, Kevin F. O'Malley, the US Ambassador to Ireland and Attorney who presented on the topic "Medical Litigation in the US and Ireland" at the UCD School of Medicine on 3rd November 2016 as part of our highly successful Graduate Diploma in Healthcare (Risk Management & Quality).