November 2016 | Samhain 2016

Teddy Bear Hospital 2017

Tue, 29 November 16 21:43

The UCD Paediatric Society invite staff members to get involved with their children's outreach project - The Teddy Bear Hospital 2017.  The UCD Paediatrics Society's Teddy Bear Hospital was launched last year as a pilot programme in St. Vincents National School with volunteers from all years of UCD Medicine.

The aim of this initiative is to tackle childhood anxiety towards hospitals. Our students identified common medical interventions and devised activities and games around their themes. Children rotated around focussed activity stations on everything from injections to MRI scanning and a plaster bay.  Through fun and play, it is hoped that we can promote understanding and alleviate fear associated with attending hospital.

The 2016 event was a great success engaging over 50 children over two morning rotations. The UCD Paediatric Society received support from Helium Arts, the national children's arts and health organisation. More details of the event can be found on their website.


For the 2017 event, our students would love if staff members could join the initiative to offer their expertise, enthusiasm and advice. Our students are passionate about this project and believe that with the right support and guidance it can continue to grow and reach more children in our communities.

Further Information

About the UCD Paediatric Society

About Helium

In Ireland, there are 100,000 children and teenagers living every day with the long-term effects of illness. Helium Arts brings positivity to these children’s lives through award-winning, participatory arts programmes. Their creative projects take place in hospital, health and community settings around Ireland, transforming the healthcare experience of young people and those who care for them through art, imagination and play. [more]