April 2017 | Aibreán 2017

Peter Dervan Memorial Medal for Excellence in Cancer Pathology

Mon, 1 May 17 21:29

UCD Pathology are pleased to announced the 2017 Peter Dervan Memorial Medal for Excellence in Cancer Pathology. This award recognises Professor Peter Dervan as a leading medical researcher and outstanding, innovative teacher.

Prof Peter A. Dervan was appointed Consultant Pathologist to the Mater (and initially Richmond) Hospitals, Dublin in 1978 and Professor of Pathology at University College Dublin and the Mater Hospital in 1991. During his tenure, until his retirement in 2008, he excelled as a histopathologist; leading to innovative research in areas like breast and bone cancer positively affecting the lives of 1000’s of cancer patients both in Ireland and abroad. 

The Peter Dervan Memorial Medal for excellence in cancer pathology is awarded following a competitive viva voce to the student who demonstrates excellence in cancer pathology by achieving the highest combined GPA score in core medicine modules with a significant cancer pathology content.

Selection Process for 2017 Medal Competition

Students will be invited to participate in this competition on the basis of their performance in modules PATH30030 Haematology Immunosuppression and PATH30190 Oncology Immunopathology, along with their overall GPA score. The qualifying students will be invited to present for a Viva Voce to a panel of pathologists in June 2017.

Previous Winners

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2014/2015 Maeve Jones-O'Connor Report
2013/2014 Joshua Belle Report