June 2017 | Meitheamh 2017

2017 UCD Medicine Conferring

Fri, 9 June 17 14:37

The 2017 UCD Medicine Conferring took place at O'Reilly Hall, Belfield on Thursday 8th June 2017 with 233 graduands conferred with undergraduate and graduate entry Medicine (MB BCh BAO) degrees as well as 37 doctoral and masters graduate degree awards in Medicine.  The proceedings were led by UCD President, Prof Andrew J Deeks and Prof Patrick Murray (Dean of Medicine and Head, UCD School of Medicine) supported by Prof Cecily Kelleher (College Principal, UCD College of Health & Agricultural Sciences). 

Prof Cecily Kelleher with her partner, and son Dr Alex Sellers and Prof Pat Murray with Dr Samuel Lee

This event was particularly noteworthy for Prof Kelleher as her son, Dr Alex Sellers was conferred with an undergraduate medicine degree.  It was also a landmark day for Dr Samuel Lee who having completed an intercalated masters programme was conferred with both an undergraduate medicine degree award and a master of science award.  Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (Sports & Exercise Management) were also conferred at the event. 

170608 - UCD Medicine Conferring 2017 Collage

The graduates from our Medicine programmes now formally join the ranks of the medical profession whereupon they begin a year's further training as interns to complete their medical practitioner registration requirements.  Many of our graduates will undertake their internship within the UCD Intern Training Network. 

A total of 37 masters and doctoral level degree awards were conferred including Master of Science, Master of Surgery, Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy. 

Summary of Degrees Conferred

Graduates Conferred During the 2017 UCD Medicine Conferring included:


No. of Graduands

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


Medicine (MB BCh BAO)


Master of Surgery (MCh)


Master of Science (MSc)


Doctor of Medicine (MD)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Doctor of Science (DSc)


Total Conferred



Honorary Degree

Prof Francis Bonner (UCD Medicine Class of 1970) was conferred with a degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa.  The award was given in recognition of Dr Bonner’s distinguished medical career, his outstanding public service and his strong support for UCD and its students over many years. Over the course of his distinguished career, both as clinician and teacher, he was recognised the importance of patient and family care, and was instrumental in setting up the John Henry Newman Trust in the USA some 30 years ago in support of UCD.  The citation address was delivered by Dean of Medicine and Head of School, Prof Patrick Murray. 

 170608 - Dr Boner & Prof Deeks

Dr Frank Bonner with Prof Andrew Deeks at the 2017 UCD Medicine Conferring


Thesis Titles – Master of Surgery (MCh)

Full Name

Thesis Title


Dr Kotambail Udupa

The role of receptor for advanced glycatin end products (RAGE) in biliary disease

Prof Alan Baird/ Prof Des Winter


Thesis Titles – Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Full Name

Thesis Title


Dr Yie Roei Chee

 Statin prophylaxis attenuates adverse physiological response consequences in cardiopulmonary bypass related surgery: a clinical and mechanistic exploration 

Prof Bill Watson

Dr Brenda O’Connor

Connected Health and Palliative Medicine: Clinical Assessmen t in Common Cancer Syndromes.

Prof Declan Walsh

Dr David Coyle

The Structural and Molecular basis of Persistent Bowel Symptoms after Pull-Through Operation for Hirschsprung's disease.

Prof Prem Puri

Dr Declan O’Rourke

 The impact of continuous and quantitive EEG on the care of c ritically ill patients in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit 

Prof Mary King

Dr Patrick Mitchell

The Characterization of both IL-33 and GLP-1, and their receptors on Eosinophils and Neutrophils, in asthmatic subjects undergoing bronchial allergen challenge

Prof Paul O'Byrne

Dr Aoife Canney

 A Study of the Effects of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery on Morphological and Molecular Correlates of Glomecular Injury in the ZDF Rat.

Dr Neil Docherty

Dr Danny Cheriyan

The Effect of Migrastatin and Dorrigocin Analogues on Angiogenic and Pro-Inflammatory Secretions in Colorectal Cancer

Prof Jacintha O'Sullivan

Dr Mohammed Ibrahim

 Preclinical evaluation of kinase targets in triple negative breast cancer 

Prof John Crown


Thesis Titles – Master of Science (MSc)

170608 - Elizabeth Comerford + Family + Prof Bill Watson

Full Name

Thesis Title


Dr Aisling McDonnell

The Effects of Glucose on Bovine Sperm Survival, Motility and Membrane Integrity

Prof Sabine Koelle

Dr Stephen Murphy

Oxygen-sensitive Hydroxylases are Key Regulators in the Crosstalk between NF-kB and HIF in the Inflammatory Microenvironment

Prof Cormac Taylor

Dr Elizabeth Comerford

 Investigating ERG and TMPRSS-ERG gene fusion in indolent and aggressive prostate cancer 

Prof William Watson

Dr Claire Kelly

 Breast Surgery Recovery: An Early Intervention Assessing the Clinical and Psychosocial Impact of the Theya Recovery Range 

Dr Amanda Mc Cann

Dr Samuel Lee

 The Effects of Diabetic Drugs on the Function of Human Natural Killer Cells

Prof Donal O'Shea

Dr Scott Piraino

Prioritisation of Non-coding Somatic Mutations in Cancer

Prof Walter Kolch


Thesis Titles – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Dr Gina Duggan + Prof Marguerite Clyne

Full Name

Thesis Title


Dr Adam Dinan

Transcriptional regulation in mycobacteria and their host cells

Prof Brendan Loftus

Dr Carl Orr

 Rheumatoid Arthritis: Disease Stratification, Mechanisms, and Targets 

Prof Douglas Veale

Dr Eirin Carolan

 Inflammation and altered cicrulating immune cells associated with possible adverse health outcomes in childhood obesity 

Prof Donal O'Shea

Dr Eric Roche

 Formal Thought Disorder In First Episode Psychosis: Its Prevalence Rates Across Different Diagnostic Groups, Persistence Over Time And Relation To Real-World Functioning

Prof MaryClarke

Dr Gearoid Fox

 Measuring and Improving the Accuracy of Multiple Sequence Alignments 

Prof Desmond Higgins

Dr Gina Duggan

 Mucin and glycan-mediated interactions of the gastrointestinal pathogen Campylobacter jejuni in humans and chickens 

Assoc Prof Marguerite Clyne/ Prof Billy Bourke

Dr Jean Donnelly

 Perinatal Determinants of Early Childhood Obesity 

Prof Fionnuala Mc Auliffe

Dr Joanna Cornwell

 The role of the Bone Morphogenetic Protein Antagonist Gremlin1 in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Hypoxic Lung Disease 

Prof Paul Mc Loughlin

Dr Kieran Boyce

The impact of guide trees in large-scale protein multiple sequence alignments

Prof Desmond Higgins

Dr Montavez, Herrera

 Characterisation of critical protein-protein interactions in EGFR/ERBB signaling network 

Prof Walter Kolch

Dr Siobhan Bacon

Maturity onset of diabetes of the young; Novel insights into the diagnosis, optimal treatment and clinical progression of the condition using biomarkers and new technology

Dr Maria Byrne

Dr Edel Mc Dermott

Health Related Quality of Life in inflammatory bowel disease - towards global profiling

Prof Hugh Mulcahy

Dr Sean Kennedy

Crosstalk between ErbB2 and breast cancer associated receptor tyrosine kinases in resistance to ErbB2 targeted therapies

Prof Walter Kolch

Dr Osamah Abdulaal

 Novel Pulse Sequence Applications for 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Knee and Lumbar Spine 

Assoc Prof Louise Rainford

Dr Bianca Criofo

Hydroxylase inhibitors selectively regulate cell death indep endent of executioner caspase activity in human monocytes

Prof Cormac Taylor

Dr Sophie Crinion

 Obstructive Sleep Apnoea as a Cause of Non-Dipping Blood Pressure 

Prof Walter Mc Nicholas

Dr Emma Fallahi-sichani

 Study of the Role of LATS1 in the Regulation of Apoptotic Pathways 

Prof Walter Kolch

Dr Anna Kwasnik

An omnics Strategy for trageting cell proliferation

Prof Stephen Pennington

Dr Sean Mc Mahon

Design and development of enhanced bio-resorbable polymers for application in a bio-resorbable stent.

Assoc Prof Wenxin Wang

Dr Fionnuala Mone

An Open-Label Randomized Controlled Trial of Low Dose Asprin with an Early Screening Test for Pre-eclampsia and Growth Restriction - TEST Study

Prof Fionnuala Mc Auliffe

Dr Niamh O' Driscoll

 Characterisation of the Anti-Apoptotic Raf1/MST2 Complex as a Drug Target 

Prof Walter Kolch

Dr Ian Woods

Application of morphological, biochemical & mechanical cues for the development of paediatric tissue-engineered vascular grafts.

Dr Thomas Flanagan