March 2017 | Márta 2017

UCD Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund

Fri, 17 March 17 23:10

Network of Excellence Project Management Scheme – Expression of Interest

Supported by the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership


A crucial barrier to interdisciplinary and translational research is a lack of formal mechanismsthat enable integration and co--ordination between disciplines and from bench-to-bedside. A centralised approach to nurturing collaboration will allow new research activity within Personalised & Translational Medicine, as well as enabling establishment for the basis of a One Health Research Centre.

The ISSF Networks of Excellence scheme aims to facilitate the development of suchmechanisms by seeding project management support to UCD teams of critical mass. Such support will ultimately enable these research centres to undertake strategic planning and facilitate greater integration, the outputs of which will form the basis for major grant application(s).

This will include hosting of regular exchange meetings to spark ideas forintegrated research and foster new collaborations across biomedical and clinical domains, aswell as the medical humanities.

Application Process

We wish to invite any UCD research centre of critical mass who are interested in receiving project management support, and who fall under the remit of Personalised and Translational Medicine, and One Health to register their interest by completing this short expression of interest form and returning it to Dr Claire Kilty, Programme Manager ( by 5pm Monday 3rd April 2017.

The intended output from this process will be to assess the requirements for project management support within the health research community across the university; and to determine which of these research entities would most benefit from support by this funding scheme. Based on these results, it is our intention to fund up to 1-3 project managers over the coming year (for duration of 18-24 months). This scheme is open to all medical and veterinary medical UCD research entities of criticalmass (within biomedical, clinical sciences, and the medical humanities field).

Expressions of Interests for UCD Wellcome Trust NOE Institutional Support - Project Management Support