November 2017 | Samhain 2017

Competition | UCD Radiography Reaches Out

Fri, 3 November 17 14:20

In advance of World Radiography Day 2017 which takes place on 8th November 2017, UCD Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging launch 'UCD Radiography Reaches Out' a competition designed to celebrate imaging and UCD Radiography reach across the world.

UCD Radiography is reaching out and asking you to Celebrate Imaging with us. What parts of the world can UCD Radiography reach?

UCD Radiography Reaches Out Poster is a World Radiography Day poster. To enter the competition, print this poster and take a photo of a Radiographer or a Student Radiographer, clearly holding the poster, and including an identifiable landmark.

Then, anytime before midnight on 8th November, tweet the photograph and the caption

“My name is ____________. I am a (Student) Radiographer at __________ #UCDRadiography #WorldRadiographyDay.”

The best photos (which may be the most unusual, the most far travelled, and/or the most X-ray related) will be entered in a draw for an i-Pad. Winners will initially be notified by Twitter through the account used to post. Judges decision is final.

UCD Radiography Reaches Out

Celebrate Imaging with us.

UCD Radiography

UCD Radiography Reaches Out Poster