Hollestic – Recipes for Pregnancy and Beyond

Free to download from the App Store

The UCD Perinatal Research Centre and National Maternity Hospital have launched a new, freely available app, Hollestic, that combines nutritional advice, pregnancy advice, and meal suggestions/recipes.

Hollestic is aimed at pregnant women and includes a pregnancy tracker, but the selection of 100 recipes can be enjoyed by the whole family. These include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that have each been carefully chosen to provide pregnant women and their babies with the essential nutrients they need.

Nutritional information per serving is included for each recipe, along with details about ingredients and cooking instructions. In addition, Hollestic also provides encouraging tips for each trimester, advice for good nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy, a helpful pregnancy tracker, and links to trusted online resources.

This freely available app has been developed based on robust scientific findings from the UCD Perinatal Research Centre, in collaboration with the National Maternity Hospital. Hollestic was designed by a multidisciplinary team including dietitians, nutrition scientists, and medical professionals. Considering more than 90% of women of reproductive age use smartphones, we hope that all pregnant women will be able to benefit from Hollestic, to improve their health outcomes during and after pregnancy.

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