December 2017 | Nollaig 2017

PMC Farewell 2017

Wed, 20 December 17 18:59

The School held a Farewell Ceremony on 1st December 2017 for our students from Penang Medical College prior to their return to Malaysia where they will complete their clinical training.  The ceremony took place in the O’Brien Centre for Science, 4th floor, UCD, Belfield.

The Malaysian Ambassador Her Excellency Ambassador Anizan Siti Hajjar Adnin attended along with the Second Secretary Ms. Siti Noralia Mustaza  and acting MARA Representative En Muhammad Arfhan Othman. Academic staff from the School of Medicine along with some of the Administrative staff who had liaised with the class throughout their time in UCD were also invited to attend the ceremony.

This Ceremony represents the students’ transition from their college education in University College Dublin to the beginning of their clinical education in Penang Medical College. The Ceremony saw the students receive a certificate to mark the completion of their pre-clinical studies at UCD School of Medicine.  The 54 students were awarded their certificates by our Dean of Medicine Prof Patrick Murray. The class had also voted on their favourite teachers throughout their time in UCD. The winners of this vote, Dr Peter Holloway, Dr Koon-Meng Chan and Dr Tom Flanagan were presented with awards on the evening.

The occasion was a great success with the Ambassador remaining behind after to partake in photographs with students and to speak with attendees. Students had the opportunity to say goodbye to staff and friends alike as they finalised their time in UCD.