December 2018 | Nollaig 2018

Prof Pennington Receives the NovaUCD 2018 Innovation Award

Sat, 15 December 18 17:29

Professor Stephen Pennington, a global leader in proteomics research and innovation, has been awarded the NovaUCD 2018 Innovation Award in recognition of his commitment and success in protein biomarker research and the conversion of this research into diagnostic tests for clinical use which can have a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide.

Secret Smokers Risk Foetal Malnourishment

Sat, 15 December 18 16:27

A significant number of pregnant women in Ireland may be "secret smokers", leaving their baby at risk of being malnourished.  A study by the UCD Centre for Human Reproduction reveal that 10% of mothers-to-be failed to disclose their smoking habit which could result in a growth-restricted or malnourished baby.

The Brush and the Scalpel

Sat, 15 December 18 19:13

A group of our students, supported by UCD Medicine and Mater Hospital staff recently completed a SPARC project entitled 'The Brush and the Scalpel' which used historical anatomy watercolours created by their predecessors in 1850.