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Medical Traineeship in Human Anatomy

Thu, 27 July 17 22:19

MD & PhD Scholarships (Research MSc & MCh also available)

Take your place on the seat of intelligence

Aristotle held that the heart was the seat of intelligence until Herophilos, one of the founders of Anatomy, showed it to be the brain. While many may see Anatomy as being a largely discovered field there is still much we can learn from the human form.

The research focus for the vacant positon in Human Anatomy at UCD currently involves Neuroanatomy

The project investigates the following area:

  • Immunomodulatory therapy for spinal cord injury via advanced cytokine delivery systems

This project will focus on neuroimmunological and regenerative repair strategies after spinal cord injury, with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory mediators to enhance functional recovery.

Experience and skills which may enhance a candidate’s application include: cell culture, stem cell biology, molecular biology experience, histology, fluorescence/confocal microscopy or biomaterial development.

The full-time scholarship programme is available to EU students only offering an €18,000 tax free stipend along with payment of 75% of student EU fees. Scholarships are reviewed on an annual basis and may be extended based on satisfactory progression in teaching and research.

Successful candidates will undertake a graduate research degree while gaining skills and experience teaching functional and clinical anatomy to medical and allied health students. Strong academic skills and competency in Anatomy are desirable as part of the selection criteria, along with proficient communication skills. Prior clinical training is desirable but not a mandatory requirement.


September 2017/2018 Academic Year

Steven Masterton

Course Administrator

E: anatomy@ucd.ie 

T: +353 1 716 6634

Closing Date: Wednesday 16th August 2017 (5pm)

More information on this course: www.ucd.ie/medicine/anatomy 

Medical Traineeship in Human Anatomy