July 2018 | Iúil 2018

Call for Nominations for UCD Medicine Harps

Fri, 27 July 18 19:02

Throughout our School’s history, we’ve a proud tradition of students, staff and alumni representing their clubs, county and university in Gaelic Games.  So in the run up to Gaelic Sunday and the business end of this year’s All-Ireland Football Championships, we thought we’d try to put together a UCD Medicine dream team.

We invite you to nominate players – male or female - of any county in any era, who were students, staff or graduates of the School and who represented their county at underage, minor or senior level football for inclusion in our 30-person squad. 

UCD Medicine Harps - Call for Nominees

Please also suggest an ideal squad position for your nominee.  Note: we do not anticipate deploying a sweeper in our team!

We’ll warn you that we’ve already identified a strong squad of players, supported by an equally impressive and experienced back room team.  However the latter want to leave no stone unturned in the search of the dream team that makes up the UCD Medicine Harps.

Our team boast an impressive total of All Ireland medals and contains players who made real impact on the sport.  We’ve had flying doctors and surgeons who have been known to fly off the handle.  We’ve had Players of the Year and Players on the Team of the Millennium. Sure isn’t the premier higher education intervarsity competition named after one of our own (Sigerson Cup) and another of our graduates even introduce the solo to gaelic games! 

Put your thinking caps on and let us know who we should consider for selection.  If you have some pen profiles on the players, we’d gratefully welcome these also to help with our selection. 

Entries must be received by Friday 10th August 2018.  Thereafter the Committee will consider the nominees and will name its first squad in the lead up to the All-Ireland Football Final.

Nominees to comms.medicine@ucd.ie ; #GRMA. #FunFriday #UCDMedHarps