March 2020 | Márta 2020

UCD Wellcome Trust Strategic Support Fund

Sat, 21 March 20 18:32

The UCD Wellcome Trust Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) is now open and accepting applications for 2 schemes via email to The fund will support research in the biomedical and clinical sciences, and will also directly support research or collaborations within the medical humanities field. In particular, the fund will be used to support initiatives in Personalised & Translational Medicine and One Health.

The following two schemes are open in this round.

1. The Clinical Primer Scheme

€40,000-€60,000 per award is available for up to 12-18 months to support clinical buyout time and associated research costs.

2. The Mid-Career Stimulus and Diversification Scheme

The maximum award under this programme is €141,000 per awardee (€70,500 per annum) for mid-career researchers (7-20 years’ experience post-PhD), which will cover a period of up to 24 months. It can be used to support academic buyout time, research staff salaries and associated research costs, but not the direct salary costs of the applicant.

Application deadline: 5pmThursday, 30th April 2020.

Further details can be found  here . All queries to