November 2018 | Samhain 2018

UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway 2019 | Open for Applications

Wed, 14 November 18 15:59

Call for Applications

The School is delighted to welcome applications for first time appointment, re-appointment or advancement within the 2019 UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway, the School's adjunct academic appointment scheme designed to recognise clinical staff who contribute to our programmes. 

Applicants seeking advancement within the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway should note that they will be required to demonstrate significant incremental performance across a number of the principal assessment criteria.  The School’s Review Panel would ordinarily expect a minimum of three years between successive applications for promotion.

The UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway scheme is a formal University adjunct academic appointment and consistent with University procedures all appointments are for a period of up to five years although they may be extended by re-application.

Indicative Time Frame

Stage Indicative Time Frame
Open for Applications  14th November 2018 - 5th January 2019
Review by Section Leaders 5th January 2019 - 15th February 2019
Review Panel Assessment TBC  March 2019
Submission to College TBC  April 2019
Communication to Applicants TBC  April 2019/May 2019

Application Forms

First Time Applications 2019 UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway - First Time Appointments
Promotions 2019 UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway - Promotions
Re-Appointments 2019 UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway - Re-Appointments

Section Leaders

Academic Section Section Leader Email Contact
Biomedical Sciences Prof Paul McLoughlin
General Practice Prof Gerard Bury
Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging Prof Louise Rainford
Medicine & Medical Specialties Prof Yvonne O'Meara
Surgery & Surgical Specialties Prof Ronan Cahill
Women's & Children's Health Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe

About the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway

This adjunct academic appointment scheme recognises the contribution of our clinical faculty who lead or support both our teaching and our research programmes across our clinical training network.  The School relies on clinicians within our affiliated teaching hospitals, acute, general and specialist hospitals and within primary care centres to deliver the clinical training component of our education programmes and to help drive our biomedical and clinical research programmes.  We recognise that clinician engagement in University business is greatly facilitated by having a formal adjunct appointment.  Hence in 2008, the School introduced the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway scheme to provide formal university acknowledgement of these contributions to academic activities, recognising that many clinicians contribute strongly despite having no protected academic time.