Patients & Society

Serving Society's Needs

We are acutely aware of the privilege and and responsibility associated with the practice of medicine and the tuition and mentoring of the next generation of doctors, radiographers and healthcare professionals.  We encounter patients and their families during times of great personal stress.  They rightly expect us to deliver the best possible care always in the patient’s best interest.

We are frequently humbled by this privileged encounter and by the dignity and generosity of our patients. Our patients regularly participate as volunteers in clinical research programmes allowing us to build the scientific evidence base.  They have also been enthusiastic participants in our Patient Educator Programme ensuring that the next generation of doctors and radiographers are fully equipped to provide the best possible healthcare.

Patient Educators

Patients with chronic disease conditions encounter many doctors during the course of their care. We have trained a number of such patients to become Patient Educators giving valuable feedback to our students during our teaching of clinical examination skills. Our students greatly appreciate the opportunity to improve their clinical skills and our patient educators are delighted to help shape the doctors of tomorrow. [More]

Patient Advocate Groups

Patient Advocate groups play an important role in raising the awareness of specific disease conditions and provide essential research resources from their fund-raising activities.  These groups are strong supporters of our student summer research programme. Included below are a few case studies of our commitment to developing a truly patient-centred standard of medical education.