DAMC Intern Training Programme

Education, Training and Clinical Responsibility

The intern year provides graduates with the education, training and clinical responsibility that develop the professional and personal competencies necessary for a successful and fulfilling career in medical practise.  On successful completion of the intern year, the trainee is awarded a Certificate of Experience by the Irish Medical Council which permits admission to the Council’s specialist division or general division of the Register of Medical Practitioners.

July 2010 saw significant change to how intern training is organised in Ireland through the establishment of intern training networks based around the six Irish medical schools. Together with its affiliated teaching hospitals, the UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science will be responsible for the delivery of the DAMC Intern Training Programme within the HSE’s Dublin/Midlands network.

Intern training posts are allocated through a national matching programme administered by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Under this national matching programme, the prospective interns are asked to identify their preferred training post and intern training network of choice.  Posts are allocated on the basis of individual’s position in the overall ranking of applicants hence there is no need to seek letters of reference from the Medical School.