Our Support

Our International Team leads the School's support to international students and to Irish students on overseas placements.  They provide support and advice to current and prospective students and to academic staff on the School's and University's global partnerships, international mobility programmes and related matters.

The Team is committed to answering overseas queries and provides dedicated support and advice to international students in our undergraduate and graduate programmes.

We are also the first point of contact for prospective international students regarding admission, the School and its programmes and visits to our campus. On behalf of the School, the Team coordinates its formal international activities and liaises with international ambassadors, education attachés, recruitment agents and global partners.

The Medicine International Team supports you from the moment you apply to study Medicine at UCD to long after you graduate.

Support is provided with:

  • US and Canada Residency Matching advice including supporting documentation like MSPE and MSPR letters
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) preparation
  • Canadian Board Exam NAC OSCE preparation
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Mock residency interviews with Career Advisers and Academic Staff
  • International Electives via Summer Electives Competition and the Clinical Elective Exchange Programme
  • Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO)
  • Erasmus opportunities

The UCD Medicine International Team work closely with our partners Atlantic Bridge who help prospective applicants from North America apply for our Medicine programmes. Contact Atlantic Bridge today on admissions@atlanticbridge.com for advice on applying for September 2022

Emily Needles

Current GEM (Graduate Entry Medicine) Student

Before I moved to Dublin, I was apprehensive about what life as an international student would be like. The International Team at the School of Medicine has been so supportive about every aspect of student life - finances, housing, academic support, and the process of matching back to North America.

Michael Daigle

Current GEM (Graduate Entry Medicine) Student

The International Medicine Team helped me to find a research position in palliative care in Uganda, as part of the Student Summer Research Awards. The opportunity to study Medicine in a diverse, competitive, supportive, and international environment is what made UCD the perfect match for me. I’m glad I made the leap to Ireland and I’m proud to say that I study Medicine at UCD.

Contact Us

Visit us on the first floor of the Health Sciences Centre in room C106, call us or get in touch via email.

Dr Patrick Felle Associate Dean for International Relations +353 1 716 6556 patrick.felle@ucd.ie
Mrs Margaret Tiuchta International Relations Manager +353 1 716 6388 margaret.tiuchta@ucd.ie
Ms Catherine Lovett International Programme Manager +353 1 716 6556 catherine.lovett@ucd.ie
Ms Smaranda Sava Senior Executive Assistant +353 1 716 6556 smaranda.sava@ucd.ie 
Mr Stephen Pigott Marketing and Communicaton Manager +3531 716 6614 stephen.pigott@ucd.ie

Useful links and contacts 

General International Queries international.medicine@ucd.ie
Programme Information study.medicine@ucd.ie 
US/Canada Residency Match match.medicine@ucd.ie
SSRA International Queries ssra.international@ucd.ie
Incming Elective Queries visitingmedicine@ucd.ie
Alumni (Medical Graduates Association) MGA@ucd.ie


UCD Malaysian Society facebook.com/ucdmsoc/
U21 Health Sciences Group u21health.org/
RUMC rcsiucd.edu.my/