Webinar Recordings

Adolescent depression: dissecting heterogeneity  - 

Professor Frances Rice | Yr Athro Frances Rice

Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health | Division of Psychological Medicine & Clinical Neurosciences | Cardiff University

Telling Tales, The Importance of Narrative in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  - 

Dr Sabina Dosani, MBBS MSc MRCPsych
Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
CHASE Funded Doctoral Researcher 


Embedding Public Mental Health & Person-centred Care in Psychiatric Training  

Professor Subodh Dave

Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists, London

Consultant at Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust 

Cultural Research deconstructs the psychosocial construct ‘expressed emotion' - 

Prof Alison M. Heru MD

Professor of Psychiatry
University of Colorado 

The burden of mental disorders, substance use disorders and self-harm among young people in Europe, 1990–2019: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 - Dr Giulio Castelpietra,

MD, Ph.D
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
Central Health Directorate
Outpatient and Inpatient Care Service

Eating Disorder presentations and management during COVID-19


Brain and body mechanisms of mental health treatment  - Dr Camilla Nord,

Group Leader, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
University of Cambridge
Fellow and Director of Studies, Christ’s College Cambridge 

Understanding Adjustment Disorder - Prof Patricia Casey, FRCPI, FRCPsych, MD
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, UCD, Ireland
Consultant Psychiatrist, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
Editor, BJPsych Advances, Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, UK 

CAMHS, COVID-19 and Crisis - Prof. Fiona McNicholas MD, FRCPsych, Dip Clin Psychother

Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist at Lucena & OLCHC, Crumlin
Dept Chair in child & adolescent psychiatry in UCD

Understanding the contribution of complex trauma to psychopathology and cognitive deficits  - Dr Stephanie Lewis,

Clinical Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and
MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

New Perspectives On Subtypes For Youth With ADHD - John Leikauf, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Stanford University School of Medicine

Sex differences in Neurobiology of Adults on the Autism Spectrum - Lawrence Fung, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, Stanford Neurodiversity Project
Director, Adult Neurodevelopment Clinic
Co-Director, Grand Rounds

Principal Investigator, Fung Lab
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University School of Medicine

Should We Insist on Scale-Based Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder or Do Something Else? A Nationwide Recognition and Referral Model - Onur Burak Dursun MD.,

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, International Medical School, University of Health Sciences,
Head of Autism, Mental Special Needs and Rare Diseases Department, Turkish Ministry of Health, Ankara /Turkey


Safety of psychopharmacologic agents in children and adolescents with mental disorders - Dr Marco Solmi, MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada
University of Ottawa Psychiatry Department Ottawa Ontario Canada
The Ottawa Hospital University of Ottawa Ottawa Ontario Canada
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) Clinical Epidemiology Program University of Ottawa Ottawa Ontario


Applications of relational and affective neuroscience to clinical practice  - Dr C. Susan Mizen MBBS FRCPsych
Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy
Devon Partnership NHS Trust
PhD student at the University of Exeter.
Chair of the Talking Therapies Taskforce RCPsych

Harmful Sexual Behaviours by Children and Adolescents: Negotiating 'the New Normal'? - Professor Anne-Marie McAlinden,

Professor of Law and Criminal Justice, School of Law, Queen's University Belfast

Using qualitative methods to explore the wellbeing of healthcare professionals - Drs Johanna Spiers and Ruth Riley,

University of Birmingham

Psychological distress among healthcare workers in Ireland post-pandemic: from the resilience of individuals to the resilience of healthcare systems   - Dr Shane O'Donnell, Research Scientist, UCD School of Medicine and School of Sociology


Care pathways and outcomes of young people transitioning from child to adult mental health care services - Results from the European MILESTONE study - Suzanne Gerritsen

PhD candidate, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands 



Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the Department of Psychology, Catholic University, Milan
Former Scientific Director of the St John of God Clinical Research Centre (IRCCS) in Brescia, Italy
Head of the Unit of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Evaluation

Young carers: Children as family carers – research, policy and practice  Professor Saul Becker,

Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Former Provost, University of Sussex Ambassador, Carers Trust.

UK Principal Investigator for the Horizon 2020 (EU) six-country study of the mental health of adolescent young carers.

Registered Social Worker

COVID-19 Vaccination: the Future for Healthcare Staff  Prof. Blánaid Hayes

Consultant Occupational Physician (Beaumont Hospital),
Honorary Clinical Associate Professor (RCSI)

The importance of psychopathology in psychiatry - Dr Abdi Sanati

Consultant Psychiatrist

Former Chair of Philosophy Special Interest Group at Royal College of Psychiatrists 

Religion and psychiatry: recent developments in research and clinical applications - Harold G. Koenig, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
Adjunct Professor, Dept of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Adjunct Professor of Public Health, Ningxia Medical University, Yinchuan, P.R. China
Visiting Professor, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran

“No organic pathology, recommend consulting psych”: Confronting our Legacy of Dualism with Neuroscience - Andrew M Novick MD PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Women’s Behavioral Health and Wellness
Department of Psychiatry
University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus


Psychosocial Stress and Cancer From Galen to Now Anurag K. Singh MD

Professor of Oncology
Director of Radiation Research
Leader, Cell Stress and Biophysical Therapy Program
Associate Dean Graduate Medical Education for Career Development
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center 


Assessment of coexisting psychosis and substance misuse: complexities, challenges and causality - Professor Rajan (Taj) Nathan

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist & Director of Research (CWP)

Visiting Professor (University of Chester) | Adjunct Professor (Liverpool John Moores University) | Hon. Senior Research Fellow (University of Liverpool) | Mental Health Lead CRN NWC (NIHR)

CHAIR: Professor Mary Cannon

Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Youth Mental Health

Department of Psychiatry, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Neuroscience: The way forward - Dr. Gareth Cuttle​
Project Manager ‑ Gatsby/Wellcome Neuroscience Project
Royal College of Psychiatrists 


The Little Things that Matter Most in Psychiatry: Microbial Regulation of Brain Function and Behaviour - Dr Gerard Clarke,

Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioural Science

Principal Investigator, APC Microbiome Ireland at University College Cork


Why everything you know about language is wrong  - Elliot M Murphy,

Postdoctoral research fellow, Vivian L. Smith Department of Neurosurgery at McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, and the Texas Institute for Restorative Neurotechnologies 


Self-harm in young people - Dr Dennis Ougrin, MBBS, MRCPsych, PGDip(Oxon), PGCAPHE, PhD

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Seiciatrydd Ymgynghorol Plant a Phobl Ifanc

Reader in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Global Mental Health

Course Leader of the MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Psychological defence mechanisms during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case series - Dr Graham Walker BSc(Med Sci) MBChB MRCPsych 

Psychiatry Registrar, Forensicare (Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health)

Honorary Clinical Lecturer (School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing), University of Glasgow


The long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of adults in the UK - Eleonora Iob, MSc, AFHEA

PhD Researcher in Epidemiology and Psychobiology

Associate Lecturer in Quantitative Research Methods 


Understanding Eating Disorder Challenges During Covid  - Dr Aileen Whyte

Assistant Clinical Professor, Stanford School of Medicine
Director of the Stanford Outpatient Eating Disorders Clinic 


Medical Hypnosis for Children and Adolescents - Dr Jeff Lazarus, MD, FAAP
Former Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital
Case Western Reserve University Medical School
Cleveland, Ohio

Illuminating Digital Design in Addiction Medicine: Do we focus on the Tech, the Patient or the Clinician?  - Dr Joe Tay, MB BCh BAO DCH MRCGP MSc
ISAM certified

Honorary Research Fellow
St Andrews University
School of Medicine
Population and Behavioural Science Research Division
Project Lead, digitAS Project
Clinical Director, Forward Leeds

COVID-19, Intolerance of Uncertainty, and young patients: Impact and intervention - Robert D. Friedberg, Ph.D., ABPP, ACT (Founding Fellow)
Director, PAU Center for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology/Palo Alto University 

Cannabis- the Colorado experience - Kenneth Finn, MD

President (2021) of the American Board of Pain Medicine

Volunteer clinical instructor for the University of Colorado Medical School, Colorado Springs Branch and editor of Cannabis in Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach.

Inflammation and Child Mental Health in the Era of COVID - Professor Kiki Chang, Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist
Former Professor of Psychiatry; Director Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program; Stanford School of Medicine
Co-Founder Stanford PANS Clinic 

How Covid damages curiosity and interferes with facing reality, and what we can do about it  - Philip Stokoe, BSc MSc CQSW F.Inst.Psychoanal

Living with Dying Online: Building Competence in Dealing with the Digital Side of Death - Elaine Kasket, Psychologist

Complicated Grief and the pandemic  - M. Katherine Shear M.D

The Psychopharmacology of COVID-19  - Dr Siobhan Gee, MPharm PGDip MFRPSII Ph.D

COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorders - Prof Alexander Mario Baldacchino

Life, Death and Psychoanalysis in Shadow of the Pandemic - Prof Josh Cohen 


Pandemics in Literature - Prof Neil Vickers

Covid: Couples and Cooking - Avi Shmueli, PhD



COVID and Mental Health across the continents - Dr Mudasir Firdosi, Dr. Ovais Wadoo, Dr Arshad Hussain


Novel Psychoactive Substances: what you need to know about 800 drugs in 45 minutes


Art Therapy and Socio Psychological Considerations at the time of COVID-19

Trauma: The Impact of COVID-19

Psychotropic Medication and COVID-19 - Giovanni Ostuzzi


Lessons learned in lockdown – findings from a one‐day remotely delivered training on low‐intensity psychological interventions for common mental health conditions - Dr Matteo Catanzano


Psychosocial Problems of The COVID-19 Pandemic: A European View - Dr. Giovanni de Girolamo 


Presidential Priorities and the Pandemic - Prof Adrian James

Children's Mental Health During COVID-19: A Multilevel Examination of Family Stress

COVID-19 and Racism

Addressing the Public Mental Health Challenge of COVID-19

Exposing the Most Serious Infirmity – Racism’s Impact on Health in the Era of COVID‐19

Immunopsychiatry: Infections, Inflammation and the Link with Mental Health - Prof Michael Benros

Supporting Children’s Mental Health in context of COVID in School

COVID-19 Perspectives in the Irish Journal of Psychological Health - A reflection & Discussion

Psychiatric and Neuropsychiatric Presentations & Severe Coronavirus Infections

COVID-19 in an Acute In-Patient Psychiatry Ward

When Patients Refuse COVID-19 Testing ; Ethical Dilemma

Alcohol Self-Management During COVID-19 and beyond

Impact of COVID-19 on Psychosis


Susceptibility to and Transmission of COVID-19 Amongst Children and Adolescents

Eating Disorders: The impact of Covid 19

Reducing the Harmful Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Professionals

The Impact of Covid-19 on Depression in Youth

Going Electronic in the time of COVID

Neurodiversity and the Impact of COVID-19

Suicide and COVID-19

The Psychology of Pandemics: Preparing for the Next Global Outbreak of Infectious Disease

Research Priorities for the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call for Action for Mental Health Science

Anxiety & Covid-19

Implications of the Pandemic for Children in Residential Institutions


Early Intervention for Psychosis and the Covid-19 Pandemic


Youth Mental Health and the Covid-19 Pandemic


Digital Parent Training STEPS and “Families Under Pressure”


Mental Health Impact of COVID19 on Healthcare Staff and What to do about it - Prof Neil Greenberg


Psychosocial Response to Epidemics – Lessons from Ebola Applied to COVID-19 - Dr Peter Hughes


Management Approaches for ADHD During the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic