Learning Technology Showcase

Below is a selection of the School's ongoing learning technology projects, from the small to the substantial. Note that projects 1, 2 and 5 require flash player plug-in.

Smaller Projects

Virtual Anatomy

Anatomy Image 

Lead academic: Dr. Jason Last
Use Case: This project (part-funded by the NDLR) aims to facilitate access to bones and anatomical models by taking a 3-dimensional virtual copy and making it available as an interactive online and downloadable resource.
Click here to launch the pdf. Then, click on the bone in the pdf to activate it. Then Click and drag to rotate.
Tools: NextEngine®


Self-Test Anatomy Diagrams

Self Test Anatomy Diagrams 

Lead academic: Dr. Seamus Giles
Use Case: This project involved the digitisation or samples from the Ambrose Birmingham collection of anatomical drawings to a format that allows the labels to be toggled on and off facilitating self-testing and supporting more active learning.
Click here to launch the pdf. Then, mouse over the structures in the pdf to view labels or choose to show or hide all labels.
Tools: Adobe® Illustrator®

Medium-Sized Projects



Lead academic: Dr. Thomas Flanagan
Use Case: This project (developed in conjunction with the NDLR) was produced by Carol Chan, an undergraduate medical student as a summer research project. It illustrates through interaction, audio and animation the pathways taken by sensory impulses to the brain.
Click on the image to view sample content.
Tools: Adobe® Fireworks®, Apple® Motion 5


Psychiatry e-Learning Modules 


Lead academic: Dr. Allys Guérandel
Use Case:Psychiatry and Mental Health Research at SMMS have developed a suite of self-directed e-Learning modules that assist the learning of key topics in psychiatry as part of a blended undergraduate medical psychiatry module. They have been developed in conjuction with Media Services with some assistance from the NDLR. This content forms part of a pilot module to support professional training in psychiatry.
Click on the image to view sample content (requires the Flash Player plug-in so will not play on iPads or iPhones).
Tools: Articulate® Studio'09, Apple® Final Cut® Pro

Larger Projects

Graduate Diploma in Dermatology

Grad Dip Dermatology 

Lead academic: Prof. Frank Powell
Use Case: To enhance student access to this program (from within Ireland and abroad) it was decided to create a blended curriculum by migrating the delivery of a portion of the existing content from traditional venue-based lectures to self-directed video-based modules.
Click on the image to view a demonstration video of sample content (includes audio).
Tools: Apple® Final Cut® Pro, Apple® Motion 5


National Dental Radiography Training

Dental Radiography 

Lead academic: Jonathan McNulty
Use Case: This resource is provided by the School of Diagnostic Imaging to support the training of dental professionals in dental radiography in NUI Cork and Trinity College Dublin. The entirely distance learning module and self-directed online interactive lectures, discussion boards and automated assessment in BlackBoard. The lectures are in pdf format to allow offline viewing. This means that they may take time to download.
Click here to view sample content. Although it is in pdf if contains Flash content so will not play on iPads or iPhones.
Tools: Adobe® Presenter

Psychiatry e-Learning Clinical Laboratory

Psychiatry e-learning 

Lead academic: Dr. Allys Guérandel
Use Case: This content forms part of a suite of self-directed interactive virtual video patients (filmed using actors) that allow undergraduate medical students in psychiatry to apply knowledge gained elsewhere to a virtual clinical scenario. They must gather and interpret data, create a formulation and generate a management plan.
Click on the image to view sample content (requires the Flash Player plug-in so will not play on iPads or iPhones). Contains content that some viewers may find distressing.
Tools: Adobe® Flash Builder®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Articulate® Studio'09