Career Advice


Professor Niall Swan,

Consultant Histopathologist,
St Vincent's University Hospital

7pm Monday, 05 December 2022

This keynote talk will cover a Q&A session on Histopathology as a career pathway.
Zoom details sent via UCD intern network to all UCD interns

Keynote Talks

Keynote talks are delivered by the Postgraduate Training Bodies including RCPI, RCSI and the ICGP facilitating a question and answer session with up to date information and guidance on application and shortlisting to the BST schemes in Ireland. In addition, the main teaching hospital sites provide career advice sessions during the intern teaching on application in Ireland and overseas.

Mock Interviews

A series of mock interviews is held face-to-face and online throughout the intern year by senior academics and consultant staff to mentor and guide applicants, improving their understanding of the scheme and interview skills techniques.

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UCD School of Medicine Social Media Guide (April 2021) 


This Guide is for all School employees and students and is also applicable to the wider alumni community, when the individual is aligned to the School, via their social media profile(s).

The aim of the Guide is to promote appropriate behaviour and etiquette and maintain professional standards on social media, especially given the proliferation of social media as a key communications platform in all of our lives.

In this regard, please note the following data;

  • There were 3.79 million social media users in Ireland in Jan 2021
  • The number of social media users in Ireland increased by 110 thousand (+3.1%) between 2020 and 2021
  • The number of social media users in Ireland was equivalent to 76.4% of the total population in Jan 2021


Please also kindly that this Social Media Guide has been compiled as a ‘Guide’ rather than any kind of official ‘Policy.’ We are also keen to position this Guide as a live and dynamic document that can be updated as required with reference to future developments in internet capability and social media usage.