UCD Intern Career Related Events


Professor Niall Swan,

Consultant Histopathologist,
St Vincent's University Hospital

7pm Monday, 05 December 2022

This keynote talk will cover a Q&A session on Histopathology as a career pathway.
Zoom details sent via UCD intern network to all UCD interns


The UCD intern network facilitates a series of UCD intern career advice sessions. These sessions will be delivered through face-to-face and online meetings to prepare UCD interns for BST applications.

Mock interviews will be led by Leading Consultants to assist their junior colleagues to decide on the appropriate career path and career pathway progression will be facilitated. These sessions are delivered in collaboration with the Forum of Postgraduate Bodies with updates on the BST application criteria for 2023.

Please note that the UCD Intern Training Network offers regular Workshops and Q&A Sessions on CV writing and careers across a range of specialities. Please watch out for details of upcoming sessions on this page.