Dr Ellen Geary, SVUH Intern 2021/ 22

I am working as an Intern in SVUH under Endocrinology, Respiratory, Hepatobiliary and Orthopaedics.

The transition from medical school to Intern year is a steep learning curve. Each team I have worked for however have been incredibly supportive. Both the structured and informal teaching throughout my time on the job continues to help me broaden my clinical knowledge.

I am also very grateful to be one of the Lead Interns this year. I thoroughly enjoy this role as not only acting as a spokesperson for the Intern group but through sitting on the NCHD Council, I am gaining a broader insight into system quality improvement.

Overall the UCD Intern Network is providing me with a broad range of skills which will benefit me throughout my medical career.

There has also been a wonderful sense of cameraderie amongst all of the NCHDS - Interns, SHOs and Registrars alike, at SVUH.This friendship and sense of belonging is invaluable, espeically during trying times. Our time over the Christmas 2021 season was very busy due to the surge in Omicron cases but the sustained pressure was made managable by the help of our colleagues. 

Intern year is certainly flying past and it has been a very rewarding time to date (Jan 2022)